Quick play classic needs to be deleted

So in the interest of playing DPS in a practice setting you want them to get rid of a mode you don’t like to practice dps in… leading to longer queues in every game mode you do like to practice dps in? Pro 2-2-2 level reasoning here.

For me it’s nice to have one 6v6 game mode not filled with shields and not requiring a 6min wait for a 8min game. If in the process I make it faster for you to play a game in your preferred mode you should be thanking me. So you’re welcome.

You do know we’re on a forum for a game right? No one is discrediting anything, I simply stated how I’ve been experiencing and playing these modes. There’s literally no need to read more into it.

A whacky or meme-y comp does not mean a team doesn’t work together. I never said that. Specifically playing to have fun and not necessarily towards a win doesn’t mean a team doesn’t work together either. You’re trying to put words in my mouth. I’m starting to think you need every single thought of mine written out because you either read too much into it or not at all.

2-2-2 was implemented because they didn’t know what else to do. Instead of trying to actually balance the game, they threw RQ in the ring with little to no balance changes for that.
All of that could have been avoided if they had put work into changing how LFG works but the playerbase doesn’t seem to want to play with broken toys or wait until they’re fixed. They rather want new ones.

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The whole system is a “hot mess”.

Quick play classic - Exactly what you said happens.

Role Que -
DPS times are 5 minutes, 10 minutes. By the time a dps player is dropped in. They are BORED from the wait time and don’t care about wins. Let alone the MMR system gives US tanks or healers that are NEW ACCOUNTS. So I cannot switch off to that role. Because the tank or healer is… “sub-standard”.

Competitive mode -
Plagued with alt accounts and nobody cares to win. Let alone I get a person that leaves, every 3rd game. The punishment system we have in place REALLY helps that problem (not).

_I turn this game on because it is something cool for concept, But the practicality is gone… :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not? Certainly not in competitive; people act as if comp is life or death. They treat the game mode as seriously as taking out a bank loan. And role queue QP has too long of a wait time.

To be honest dude

If you want practice Tank or Support go to 2-2-2 quickplay and if you want practice DPS just to FFA.

QP classic is just lose 5 minutes of ur life

Thank you for explaining so clearly why 2-2-2 is needed in the other more serious modes. This is what happens when it’s not there.

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I know right… so tired of hearing about how we lost “creativity” and “flexing” and so forth when 90% of the players were mostly one-tricking 1-3 characters… please… let’s not kid ourselves on how screwy things were under open 6-stack.

FFA is terrible imo. I’d never set foot in there again

lol, OP hoping that by deleting QPC, all the tank/healer/flex casual players there will play 2-2-2 and improve the DPS queue time. The selfishness and nativity of that thought, lmao. What actually will happen is a large majority of the casual tank/healer/flex casual players will quit the game, and all the DPS will stack on top of the existing 2-2-2 QP, making the queue wait time even longer drastically.

The people in QPC are more often then not, casual players and do not like the competitive mindset and blame game of competitive player forcing the 2-2-2 RQ on the current QP. In fact, many of the players that are more suited to the current QPC if they have not left yet, have likely retired to AI PvE or quit the game already prior to 2-2-2 implementations.


For practice DPS is a lot better than classic quickplay.

Everyday i practice ashe 90 minutes FFA there and sometimes i go 24/7 try hard FFA custom-matches to fight vs diamond, master and GM players

So you want those trolls in normal quick play then?

Then why would you delete it? I don’t follow the argument. We have QP with role queue and QPC without role queue. Everyone wins right? Why try to get rid of it?

I say this as someone who tries to avoid that dumpster fire because I already played 3 years of that and very much prefer role queue. Just let people who enjoy it enjoy it. There’s no benefit to removing QuickPlay Classic, none whatsoever.

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No way, its a great way to learn new characters and take risks. AI just doesnt cut it.
Plus you dont have the long waits for DPS.

DvaIsMyWaifu has always have a sense of seriousness in their posts.

Like their crusade for Sombra’s nerfs, which I remembered to be very detailed.

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Exactly. I hate no limits.

Don’t delete the best way to get arcade loot boxes besides the PvE seasonal events for people who don’t like randomness and FFA.

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2-2-2 has turned the original QP classic into the new practice range. Further, comp has become QP for those queueing off-role.

Blizz got it backwards. They should have just added 2-2-2 an Arcade mode, and maybe requiring it only for OWL and maybe masters, since they are presumably who they made this change for.

Sounds okay to me. Classic is only true mode worth playing where you can “Choose” how to play without care and enjoy yourself.
Comp for the serious players and wannbe OWL characters.

I prefer the notion of replacing qpc with perma no limits :woman_shrugging:t5: then madness is expected and I literally have no limits on what I can do personally. A team of snipers is more manageable with double Hanzo or whatever and not just one of each

You can always not play overwatch. If you really want DPS practice, then start being patient. With the new patch that lets you play custom games and training, you can always train in those areas while wating.