Quick play classic needs to be deleted

It’s not really taking space and it’s better for it to exist so that role que works better for those who want it. It they were to take QPC out the que for DPS would be even worse.

Exactly. Except I just took a suspension for ‘sabotaging’ QPC. It had to be QPC multi-stack false reports, because that is the only mode I’ve been playing.

The game is literally dead because they don’t protect the people that want to play it for fun - dps in non-competitive environments.

Come to role queue. We have pie and punch :slight_smile:

The salt if QPC was deleted would be beyond imagination lol

But… I personally wouldn’t really care one way or another

No no no qpc is a god teir game mode just ask all the role queue haters. There was never any problems with coordination before role queue the only thing role queue did was make us all have to wait longer to play.

Jeff m dude. They said it doesn’t really fit with the game…

Edit: link for t mayhem and no limits

Quick Play Classic helps unlock achievement sprays though.

it is not currently possible to earn achievements in QP Classic

I tried it a while back, and it was FULL of those high rank players. Spent the whole time just respawning and couldn’t even do anything. It’s not meant for normal people imo.

But he doesn’t say he’s phasing it out. He said he would if he could but because people play it and it’s been around for so long it’s remaining.

Well, that is a whole different matter, the reporting system is way too dumb as it is and allows misapplication and abuse. It definitely would not hurt to invest a bit more into improving it.

‘The game is dead’ is a stretch, but I do feel there is a bit too much of a focus towards ‘seriousness’ with OWL and competitive. Hopefully OW2 will try to improve the balance between ‘serious’ and ‘fun’. x)

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Oh look, strawman.

I play QPC and MH and believe it or not I see a good share of tanks and healers in QPC. Hell I see 2-2-2 a lot of times and end up spite switching just to break it up.

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I thought they fixed that?

tell them what sort of characters are being played in quicklplay classic,
what’s the most played ones according to you?

Leave QP Classic alone. It’s there for people that don’t like playing Role Queue and I’m one of them. There’s a massive reason why QP Classic doesn’t have a stupidly long queue time because people enjoy playing it.


they havent

it remains one of the multiple differences between pre-222 qp and qp classic

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No thanks I’d rather the people who liked pre-2-2-2 QP stay in QPC.

I’m not sure it’s good for matchmaking but I certainly appreciate QPC being around. It’s a good mode to play if you just want to play a hero you’re awful at, but want to enjoy. Regular QP is basically an unranked mode now where trying out heroes you don’t play well will almost certainly sink your team.

Also arcade lootboxes, and if your team is incredibly terrible you can go onto fun heroes like Widowmaker and Doomfist and mess around.

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he means that comp is the carrot on the stick, and you are the rabbit. the fun you must focus on, great is this feeling.

Either my QP classic arcade MMR is high (don’t even know if that exists) as I get pretty good matches, or people like the OP post these trying to defend how unfun enforced role queue has made this game for so many people. :clown_face: