Quick heads up to comp players


Server issues being reported and one of the side effects is still losing SR despite not connecting to a game.


Thanks for the heads up. Was just about to.

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No problem, noticed it in QP a few minutes ago then came to check here what’s up. Yea a lot of people already lost 50 SR due to not fully connecting. Some are facing suspensions. Not sure is blizz plans to refund though so I wouldn’t chance it.

Here’s the response to one of the report threads from Blizz.

That’s what would happen if I played a game, so this is a real time saver. Thanks!

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Unfortunately, was playing QP earlier and now am on a -75% XP penalty for 13 games. Not pleased, as it never loaded ANYTHING, just kept timing out.

Just do something else for the time being. This is a really strange bug that is punishing people for some reason. Don’t risk anything.

Shït man thanks you saved me a 10 minute queue and sr loss

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Does that include comp 6v6? Be a shame too. I waited so long for that mode to come back :pensive:

Well, there’s no end of stuff I should be doing. it’s my spring break, and I have a big library book about Dostoyevsky due on Monday, so I need to finish it before they charge me like a hundred bucks in overdue fees. And then there’s those streaming watch lists . . . really cool looking one about the Mongol warriors that I wanna see. Just grumpy that it gave me one “if you continue to leave matches, you will be penalized” and then, bam, huge penalty.

Huh? I’ve played comp non-stop for 7 hours now and no server problems at all

If you honestly still care about comp, then you either must hate yourself or something’s seriously wrong with you.