Questions about the workshops functionality

Can you extend’s defense matrix?
Can you change duration and cooldown on abilities?
Can you change an abilities radius?
Can you change a deployables health or damage?
Can you change an abilities properties such as healing, damage reduction and what happens when it finishes its animation cycle?
Can you change a heros health values?
Can you change a barriers regeneration rate?
Can you change falloff range?
Can you change reload speed?
Can you change fire rate?

Custom Game settings.

Cooldowns same as last, duration same as last but only a few abilities.

Not unless you want to recreate it, but good luck if so.

Hp is tied to yours, I thing dmg too.

Not an ability’s properties such as these directly, though, for dmg reduction you could use filtered array and damage modification. Healing could be inconsistent with cast times, so no. And what do you mean when it finishes its animation cycle?

Yes, but a reminder is that player owned objects are tied to the hp.

You’d have to make a REALLY pinpoint system depending on how you want to handle this change.

Glitches or artificial recreation.

Glitches, doesn’t work with every hero.

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For example, can I add something where roadhogs take a breather ends and then an ability activates just not before its over?

A few other questions.
Can you give abilities additional charges?
Can you make an effect trigger when a a barrier is destroyed or recalled?
Can you change how long zens orb lingers on a player?

You could try a stun, swap their hero, and make them press that ability button.

Edit: I think I know what you mean. Finishing the ability animation vs the ability effect itself. Or am I confused?

You’d have to make an artificial cooldown, make a number for how many charges, and set the custom game cooldown time on the ability to 0%. Use variables for these, making the cooldowns count down and make the charges have a limit.

Not directly. To give you a concept of general limitations: Player created entities can not be directly accessed. There is no cooldown management in workshop, so if you want to do that, either custom game settings or artificial cooldown. Workshop is not meant to deal with individual heros itself, like individual abilites, ults, primaries, secondaries, primary and secondary fire modes, or anything like that. That’s our job. We are given tool made for general use to suit our personal desired outcome.