Questions about the forums

Why does “reviving” a topic seem like more of an irritation? If you try to reply to an old topic, it explains that it will notify everyone involved (If I remember what the message said?).

I’m… decently new to the forums? Been on here for like 6ish months so I’m not sure how the text editting works like bulleted lists?
I can do bold and italics along with strike through but that is the best I can do.
(Wait is this post even allowed?)

I guess I will ask a question more fun based though, If you were to relate the forums to another social media, what would it most be like?


In gaming forum culture, it’s generally considered poor form to “necro” or revive old threads, as they usually contain information or content that’s either outdated or has been repeated many times in other discussions. It can also be confusing for a reader who wasn’t participating in the original conversation.

TLDR: If you have an updated opinion or take on the same topic, ask yourself if you should really revive an old conversation, or would it be better to start a new one.


Back when forums were more commonplace a lot of them had rules against “bumping” or “necro-ing” threads (to resurrect older threads which had stopped getting replies). Because the content stream shows the most recently replied to topic at the top, it generally meant that everything at the top was recent.

Bumping basically meant that you were trying to revive a completed conversation, and usually bumped threads got derailed more easily, which is why there’s a stigma against it

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Problem is the forum encourages necroing by saying “look here’s a similar topic, wanna comment there instead?” when you’re writing a new post and it’s an old freakin post


is there actually a good reason other than “it’s considered bad according to xy” ?

Because almost all of the information in the thread is out of date.

Then people get all “what do you mean Genji is OP?” not realising the thread is a year old…

  • The original poster might not be active on the forums anymore, which dissuades further conversation and takes attention away from active topics where people want to respond.
  • The context/opinions of the post may have changed (“Lúcio is uncontested” was a stance in different metas).

There are some posts that could probably be necroed just fine, but if a lot of people did it, the former points would become more prevalent.

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yes that totally covers all instances of necroposting ever, good job there 10/10

I just necro an older topic of mine. Start there and give opinions about what I did

i usually dont like necros either since im thinking its a brand new thread and post in it before realizing its from like 5 years ago…


Uhh… I was just confused and honestly everyone’s giving helpful reasoning.

If a thread is discussing the current state of Tracer being broken, this may be old news if there had been recent changes to bring her into line. It’s like talking about the footy match between the crows and magpies but you revive a thread from several years ago.

there was never an actual case for her being broken other than several OWL players saying so, which means nothing

it was not funny however you spin it

I’ve only recently noticed it does and have not once used the feature

Also one does not need to reply to a topic that no one cares about anymore, they can just read it and make a new topic if they wish to reignite the conversation.

How about this one that doesn’t have the word joke in it.

I don’t have a problem with missing something

I am actually on a spectrum (diagnosed) and have ADHD on top of that so it wouldn’t be a surprise

Ok… well my point is that Tracer (and the football teams) were just examples to help illustrate the answer I was giving to your initial post.

You’re welcome to your opinion about Tracer (I disagree :wink:) but it’s not really relevant to this thread or your question if that makes sense :thinking:

The forums primarily use Markdown syntax to stylize your text but you can use some HTML script and BBCode Syntax as well, I have a detailed guide available in the World of Warcraft forums here:

perfectly balanced

inhumanly good players make her seem like broken but she was never a problem in 99.8% of ranks stat wise

if she was then it would be obvious but yet it never was, stat-wise, always abysmally lower winrates in higher ranks than other top picked heroes

only players like dafran made her seem broken but dafran also made soldier feel broken when he was not