Question regarding Zarya's max Beam DPS


“Max Beam DPS lowered from 190 to 170”
Does that mean that the base DPS is still 95? Meaning you simply don’t get bonus DPS above 79% charge?
Is her secondary fire affected as well?

Or did you change her base DPS changed to 85 and scales just like before?


Yup, base DPS is still 95 per second, (4.75 per round)

100% charge now only grants a +79% damage increase, and RC is affected.

Entire Clip - 100 rounds - [0/100%]
Live: 475/950
PTR: 475/850



0 charge = 98.8 DPS.
~100 charge = 176.79 DPS.

It looks to me like they decreased the damage gain per charge from ~1% per point to ~0.7% per point.


Is the secondary fire affected as well?


Or rather, +0.95 DPS per energy to +0.75 DPS per energy.


No, it’s just the primary.



Why not? Doesn’t the right click scales with energy as well?


Emphasis on “Primary Fire.”