Question | How Should Mercy Mains Offer Feedback?

“Walls of text” are just the most valuable and constructive way to explain meticulously the problems and how to solve them.

Of course, we could just say “revert Mercy please but add a los & cast time to rez” but when we do, the only answers we got are “lol it’ll never happen u mad” “you only want her op again” “mass rez was cancerous/unhealthy”, while our “walls of text” most of the time open a constructive debate.

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So you are proposing that every post in these forums must fit a specific word limit. Is that right? If so, what would that word limit be?

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My only question is what hasn’t been said that isn’t alteady in the megathread though?

I’m pretty sure blizz knows how many mercy mains feel by now…don’t like valk…not fun…not impactful…thousand different suggestions…revert her…it’s all in there already…many times over

The people that give you guys a hard time are not doing it because they disagree (there’s always going to be disagreement)…it’s the fact that we have to hear the same arguments day in and day out…over and over again

Trust me blizz knows…its on them to do something about it (if they agree)

Walls of Text get ignored.

And maybe the detractors don’t even bother reading them.

Thanks for the opinion! My questions still remain unanswered however :slight_smile:

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a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

I honestly doubt they know anything as

  • It is clear that they don’t read
  • The few answers mentionning Mercy always bring up pickrates/winrates

Please explain me how Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State is still active.

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Mostly keep things long enough to cover the most important parts, but short enough to keep it interesting.

You really believe that eh? They are not aware?

Because for the most part, it’s an echo chamber that most of the forum ignores.

No idea why “Remove Valk, and put in a 15m High Noon Rez”, requires someone to dig around for 1-2 minutes just to even begin to understand what they are talking about.

Sure, and how would that be done or regulated by the mods to prevent people from writing these “walls of text?”

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a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

I’m afraid of dividing the forums. Ideally, it could work, but the cynacle counter argument is that it’ll increase tribalism.

No regulation needed. If it’s too long, you’ll probably get ignored.

The goal is to gain/maintain developer/forummod attention, and then to get them to see your point of view.

It’s a sales pitch, not a novel.

Sadly they won’t even put a lore tab in game for the animated shorts and lore we already have.

Let alone make sub forums😭

(Good to see you Revertmercy):heart:

I really doubt they know what our concerns are.

Then every topic is an echo chamber that most of the forums ignores.

This depends upon how the op wants to express their thoughts.

I’m willing to bet 20 bucks that megagrave is being flagged by mercy mains themselves.

Second question is good though. It would help a lot to have at least role subforums.

Feedback is someone’s ability to talk about what they wish to talk about. This should never be stifled, ever.

It’s all on the play overwatch website…in the media tab :wink:

I’m on console👌

I’m talking about the menus😄

(I can easily look up lore, but heck now even destiny has a lore tab):joy:

A good one too👌

Well if that’s the case…by all means continue repeating it…it’s worked so well for you over the course of the past year…

Lore? What is that? Can I eat it?