Question about the contender skins

So i’ve seen on their twitter that you now can connect a yt acc to get rewards for watching contender games on yt.

Do the connection count towards contenders as well? And not only overwatch league?

I also saw on the contenders yt channel that there will be a match tmr 13 hours from now, is that game i have to watch 4 hours to earn the contender skins for orisa and ashe?

5 hours for Orisa, 10 hours for Ashe IIRC. You should now be able to watch Contenders and OWL with a connected account through YouTube.

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Okay cool! Thanks for telling me :grin:

Next matches are at 6 AM EST (12 hr 30 mins away). Make sure you see ‘Connected’ (a diamond looking symbol with a small check mark) when you leave it on. For clarification it’s 5 hours for Orisa, then an additional 5 for Ashe (10 hours total - not 15 like it may read).

Reference this post for specifics and troubleshooting if you run into issues:


Oh okay haha do you know if there will be several matches on one day or? Because i only saw 1 upcoming livestream?

I’m going to wake up around 13:00 so i guess i’ll only miss 1 hour of the game, do you also know how long the game will last? Like how many hours?

I think this morning’s (which also started at 6 AM) only lasted 2 hours or so. Think it was only 2 matches… not sure. Then again on August 9 and 10 it’s 6 AM again both days. The post I referenced shows the schedule for all opportunities to get the 10 total hours in August.

Then we should see new skins for September.

Ugh then i might miss it :roll_eyes: but thank you so much anyways for telling me.

These are all of the opportunities you have to get 10 hours in August (all times are in EST as they show for my region and I copy/pasted):

Overwatch Contenders August - Earn Orisa and Ashe skins
Today 6:00 AM - :kr:- Group Stage Week 1 Day 1
Tomorrow 6:00 AM - :kr:- Group Stage Week 1 Day 2
Monday, August 9th @ 6:00 AM - :kr:- Group Stage Week 2 Day 1
Tuesday, August 10th @ 6:00 AM - :kr:- Group Stage Week 2 Day 2
Tuesday, August 10th @ 9:00 PM - :cn:- Knockouts Round 1 Day 1 (English VODCast)
Wednesday, August 11th @ 9:00 PM - :cn:- Knockouts Round 1 Day 2 (English VODCast)
Thursday, August 12th @ 5:00 AM - :australia:- Week 1
Thursday, August 12th @ 9:00 PM - :cn:- Knockouts Round 1 Day 3 (English VODCast)
Monday, August 16th @ 6:00 AM - :kr:- Group Stage Week 3 Day 1
Tuesday, August 17th @ 6:00 AM - :kr:- Group Stage Week 3 Day 2
Thursday, August 19th @ 5:00 AM - :australia:- Week 2
Monday, August 23rd @ 6:00 AM - :kr:- Group Stage Week 4 Day 1
Tuesday, August 24th @ 6:00 AM - :kr:- Group Stage Week 4 Day 2
Thursday, August 26th @ 5:00 AM - :australia:- Week 3
Monday, August 30th @ 6:00 AM - :kr:- Group Stage Week 5 Day 1
Tuesday, August 31st @ 6:00 AM - :kr:- Group Stage Week 5 Day 2

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Is it grey owl Ashe (grey and gold colour) ir it´s green - grey skin?

It’s this one:
https //i imgur com/0r0n85D png

You need to put the dots where they are because i can’t post any pics.

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Doesn´t work either…
Nevermind, I googled it - it´s the green one, not interested xD

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