Question About Logging into OW for Laptop?


Ok so, I downloaded the Blizzard Launcher App on my laptop and it has me in as Nova (like here) so, if I play OW on my laptop ( PC ) with my name as Nova (like on here) will everything I have on my PS4 OW wise be erased on my Overwatch general discussion profile?

Thanks for the help guys!


The player profile icon will override with the PC selection once you complete one match in PC Overwatch (after you close the game and the next time you sign into the forum). However, your profile that is on will display BOTH your PS4 and PC profile. By default, it will show the PC stats first until the viewer clicks the PS4 tab. Aside from this, there are not really any changes to your acccount.


Thank you so much! Also, I am wondering if you could help me a bit? Can a laptop play OW by chance? i am not sure the model but it’s a pretty strong laptop I think?


Yes many laptops can. They must meet these recommended System Requirements for a flawless experience:


Omg cool Imma check! Thanks so much!

Edit: How do i know if I have a 64 bit? xD


Some laptops can. I can get 60 fps on all low settings. One of my friends gets <30. Depends on you specific computer.
Your biggest problem will be overheating. I just prop my laptop up to give it better ventilation.


Ohh overheating…crap. I forgot about that! Hmm…maybe a fan?

Oh also! Say my laptop dies and I had OW on it. Is it possible to get another computer to transfer it’s data or am I kinda screwed? x)

Is there a way to check these settings? I am such a noob with computers a bit lol


Most computers (in today’s day and age) run the 64-bit versions of Windows. On your Windows Computer, open File Explorer and find “This PC” in the navigation pane, right click and select “Properties” this will display the basic system information including what version of windows it runs.


I’ll check! I do have a question though, for video requirements it says Nvidia and all those, do you think most laptops have any of those or do i need to check?

File explorer…is that like in options? xD I am so sorry!


Once you license Overwatch, you can play it on any PC you can sign into your account on.


Oh good so it lives forever? Yay


File Explorer is the file managment system that Windows runs. If you are running Windows 10 here are easier steps to check system stats.

  1. Right Click the Windows Start Button.
  2. In the system menu that pops up, select “System”
  3. The Settings App will open immediately to the System details page and there you can also check the stats of your computer.


I did and it said properties or open windows? I tried properties but i didn’t find anything that said system?
btw I have a windows 7…is that bad?

I think my laptop says elitebook 2560p?


Thank you for posting the model, unfortunately, according to the stats on CNet, your graphics chipset does not even meet minimum system requirements (Intel HD Graphics 3000). However if your PC has a thunderwire port (I don’t know from the stats sheet), you may be able to purchase and use an External GPU Dock.


Ohh nuuu! Darn. How will I buy a graphics card? :o Do I go online or do stores around sell them?

Thanks for helping me I appreciate it sooo much! :blush: I notice that the problem i have is with the graphics card a lot on my computers…do most modern computers have decent graphics cards or are they usually bought? :confused:


It is not just a matter of buying a graphics card (because you really can’t install those in a Laptop) you will be purchasing a device that is a little box that houses a graphics card but connects through a high-speed port. Since you are inexperienced with personal computers, I strongly recommend finding someone in person who does have experience. Either way, it will cost money. To further complicate things, getting any form of a good graphics card directly is expensive as there is currently a bad trend of people scooping up GPUs solely for the purpose of cryptocurrency mining.

Most computers that are priced around or more than the cost of a gaming console should be capable give or takes. For you, this may be the better option and it will keep things easy, while it would spend a little more money upfront, you will future proof yourself a lot more. Note it can be a little cheaper to get a desktop for your gaming needs over a laptop, so unless you travel frequently, I would recommend a desktop.

I recommend shopping online for “gaming pc” and keep to a $500 to $600 price range. Most PCs I have seen there easily meet Overwatch’s system requirements. You could go cheaper but be conscious of the system stats at that point. Note that if you are interested in more hardcore gaming experiences such as Virtual Reality gaming like HTC Vive, you will need a system with a more beefier graphics card and be pushing to the $800 to $1200 range at that point.

This probably sounds overwhelming and you will need to carefully consider your options to your budget. However, the PC platform is a great way to play video game in its own right. It doesn’t replace consoles, but opens the door to new adventures and fun (not to mention the entire library of Blizzard’s current game lineup).


It is a lot to take in but I do agree with you! I plan on trying to make myself a gaming computer in the near future and this has helped me! I appreciate you taking time out to help me by typing this!


No problem now if and when you take the plunge to building your own gaming PC, be sure to do some research. Here is a great video to check out that I personally recommend:

Finally, when you do get Overwatch running on a PC and you want to get the most performance out of your system be sure to see my topic that is stickied in the Tech Support forum:


You are more than helpful. You rock! <3333 Thank you!