Question About Disconnecting From Matches

I don’t know a whole lot about a games capability to see what’s on our end. Overall I agree with the idea of a leaver penalty for repeatedly leaving matches.

But others have brought up before that getting a penalty for being disconnected seems a bit much. And I would argue even if you choose to leave, if you do so because of high latency it isn’t your fault.

Is it possible for games to set something up that sees the player doesn’t have a strong connection? Or is that impossible?

The starting penalty is only 15 minutes, and it starts that low because Blizzard does take in consideration of disconnections. The reality is that there is no way to determine a legitimate disconnection from doing something like this…

Furthermore, the penalty system is designed to discourage players from playing Competitive when they know they have issues, which is why the suspension times will quickly ramp up if you leave multiple games in a short number of games played. Granted anyone and everyone will be subjected to unforeseen issues that can come without notice, but again, that is why the starting penalty is small. More details on Blizzard’s policy here:

In 5 years playing almost daily I’ve legitimately disconnected less than 5 times total…

If someone’s connection is poor (high ping), they should reconsider queuing for comp at that time… :wink:

That’s awesome that you have a different experience than others!

I live in an area where my connection is either perfect or horrible. So oftentimes rejoining doesn’t help. I also tend to do quick play first before I jump into Comp because of this :wink:

Then it should be simple to know whether to play comp or not… :wink:

Yeah when I have poor connection I don’t play comp. Not sure why that needs to be stated :wink:

You made the thread about leaver penalties, it doesn’t matter if you’re referring to QP/Comp, any advice you receive applies to both… :wink:

You instanty assumed that I was referring to comp specifically and answered a question that I wasn’t asking.

All I asked for with this thread was about the capability of a game to see the player’s connection. Not if I should avoid playing Comp if I have bad connection. As the answer to that is obvious :wink: