Question about contenders skins

So I’ve been watching contenders as I want to earn the doomfist skin. Do I earn it immediately on my account as a hit the 10 hour mark? Or will the skin come later or on a specific date after I watch the 10 hours?

And also I have my battle net account connected to both a PC and PS4 account. Will I get the skins on both accounts?

If you watch the required hours it shows up in your account soon after

Not sure on the second part

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Wait there’s a doomfist skin?
How many hours do you have to watch?

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need to watch 10 hours

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Time to leave it on in the background

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id jump on it…there arent many may streams

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thank you :). i appreciate the response

This thread has a lot of information in it for contenders skins, so I’d check that out, plus it has the schedules of the matches in your timezone so no confusion there either

There can be delays once you reach the required threshold to earn a skin. Continue to watch hours and keep checking your game client periodically.