Que times ruin the game

I play dps on console and almost always duo que with my friend who plays tank. We are in mid diamond and our average que is about 15 minutes. Games dont even last that long in most cases. We literally spend more time waiting in que than actually playing the game.
This needs addressed ASAP. I dont know how Blizzard can expect people to want to play their game if when we try, all we end up doing is sitting there waiting for 15 minutes while we could actually be playing another game.
I personally think the first solution would just be to dumpster role lock all together.
The game is the most balanced its ever been and we just want to play it.

Well there isn’t many/any good solutions to this problem, so right now we are stuck with high queue times.

i actually think the best solution is to bring back open queue but still require the 2-2-2 lock

i mean i love to dps but if two people beat me to picking the role ill play healer, i dont mind. the problem with me is if both healer and dps roles lock are taken then i have to play tank and believe me you dont want me playing as tank lol… ill just play dva since shes pretty much a brain dead hero tank. i do play rein but dam usually the other rein out reins me

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Says you :stuck_out_tongue:

✅ Competitive 222 vs Competitive Classic
✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2

Neither of these are good ideas though…so my point still stands :joy:

whats wrong with open queue with a 2-2-2 lock?

faster queue times and you still have your precious 2-2-2

Everyone will spam dps, also 2 2 2 role queue guarantees the role you signed up for lol.

Well they are probably going to do the first one sometime this month.

And the second one gives some beefy queue time benefits without changing the style of gameplay by much.
(I.e. Can still play almost exactly the same as current 2-2-2 of you want).

The main complaint I see is that they are bad, merely because any significant change is bad. Where as I don’t think this problem is solvable in a zero-downsides way.

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Tbh no matter what blizzard does with 2 2 2, people will always hate it so its hard to appease everyone. Like you and me, we may not agree on stuff about a hero for example, we may have different ideas on how to balance them, so its hard for blizzard to come up with a good solution :sob: :sweat_smile:

well thats tough maybe you should learn to play other heroes then right =P, i can play every role but yea i suck as tank i usually NEVER role tank in the current comp thing

would force me to learn if the situation did present itself tho and i would love faster queue times given the chance i might be able to dps if no one wants too… i wont be overly upset if the dps role gets taken tho

I bought this game to play who i want, and play certain roles, and not be denied of it because two people insta-locked dps before me. Im not a 1 trick, i actually like playing all roles, but lets say open queue 2 2 2 was a thing, and i fancied playing Mccree, and nope, cant cause my team insta-locked dps and wont switch off, and now im denied of playing any dps. How fun :expressionless:

Also if you hate 2 2 2, just go to quick play classic :blush:

And that’s the simplicity of it.
You don’t need to make everybody happy.

Especially when the alternative with high queue times is “a lot of people quit”.
Then “a few people quit” is less daunting.

Especially when it you fix queue times, a good amount of those people quitting will come back for OW2 (and after Valorant hype dies down)