Nah… Tracer shouldn’t be that effective at killing tanks.


Eh, its 300 damage. It will still kill all 200hp units in a small radius. I think it’s fine and that Tracer will still be very viable.


I don’t think so either. Tracer isn’t suppose to be a tank killer. My main worry is the drop-off damage might allow armored heroes to survive a pulse bomb. But this Nerf is very recent and I might just be getting worried for nothing.


I just opened a similar thread here:

But i’ll copy and paste it here as well for everyone to read it:

Is the Tracer nerf accurate or Blizzard are kinda forcing a new meta, nerfing Tracer much more than they stated without telling us?

Developer Comments:

1 - Let’s break down what the pulse bomb DOES NOT kills anymore:

  • Zarya (also could buble to protect herself completly)
  • Orisa (Orisa would still survive with the old 400 damage because of her armor if she was in full health, as well she has fortify ability to reduce the damage)
  • Ulting Brigitte
  • Bastion
  • Teleporter
  • Shield generator
  • Multikills (Pulse bomb blast radius got reduced - check out this link for detailed explanation:
  • Since blast radius is reduced, the Zarya-Tracer ultimate combo is gonna be much less valuable (consider if they have Brigitte in their team to armour them up? Not a 1 kill - a complete waste)

What about indirect nerfs?

2 - Introduction of Brigitte to the game. Let’s break down how Brigitte indirectly nerfs Tracer:

  • Brigitte vs Tracer in 1v1 duel is impossible
  • Tracer cant kill any Hero at all in the game with her Pulse Bomb if Brigitte ulted (200HP + 150 armour = 350 HP) I think the pulse would not even kill the Tracer because of the armour damage reduction - haven’t tested that yet.
  • Squishies buffed either by Brigittes ultimate or from her repair pack cannot be one clipped anymore unless all hits are headshots.
  • Brigitte peeling capabilities are very very good, meaning the Tracer cannot do it’s job bullying the supports anymore.
  • Specifically Zenyatta is now much harder to kill if he has armour because you first have to chip away the shield which regenerates really fast, and the armour stays under the Zenyatta shield indefinitely unless damaged. Explained in a video here:

3 - Introduction of Hanzo 2.0 to the game

  • His new abilities makes him more effective against Tracer (if you have mediocre aim as Hanzo)

4 - Dive is hard countered by Brigitte if played properly (considering how high Brigitte pick rate currently is)

  • If there are no tanks like Winston and DVA creating space for Tracer to dive in, the effectiveness of Tracer is lowered by allot - Tracer cannot stay much in the front line to do damage, because she has the lowest HP in the game, and her pistols are not effective in long rage.

Conclusion? Did the developers nerfed Tracer to make her less effective against Tanks only? Was this nerf needed when Brigitte came into the game?

p.s. I really enjoyed watching pros dive in OWL so much coordination, so much skill… i am worried how often we will see her in the current meta in OWL.

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It still kills any hero under 300 HP instantly (except Bastion because of ironclad)

It still takes out a chunk of tanks’ HP.

How is it useless :expressionless:


I just wrote before you, please read my comment


Any tracer above mid plat can land pulse bombs with ease. She was completely shredding anything she wanted to kill. Unlike other ults, Tracer’s pulse bomb gives nearly no chance to react. Every other ultimate gives a window of opportunity to defend yourself besides pulse bomb. The nerf is justified


I read your thread. I don’t agree with it lol. I do think she needed a nerf.

There’s no nerf they can do that won’t piss off the majority of Tracer players. This doesn’t affect how she plays outside of her ultimate, and her ultimate is not useless.


Maybe I reacted too fast and the only difference will be that tanks won’t be instantly killed. You could be completely correct.


The way I see it, this doesn’t change how she plays.

It’s not like heroes like Sombra who get screwed and you have to shift how you play entirely. At least it’s just a numbers tweak to the ultimate so it won’t wreck tanks anymore.

It is less useful, and that’s not something I will ever try to argue. Definitely. With 100 HP subtracted, it’s less powerful…but it still has its uses.


What ultimate do you think is more useless now? Btw one more question, do you have at least 5 hours played with tracer?


So you think a 400 damage bomb that sticks is fair? Here’s Tracer: Blink, Blink, Fire, Stick, Recall. Tank is dead.

She shouldn’t be that effective at killing tanks. She can already do good damage to them with her main guns, not only to mention that she can blink around them.


300 damage can still one shot kill over 70% of the hero roster, not only to mention if you can weaken the enemy’s tanks by COORDINATING WITH YOUR TEAM, a pulse bomb can still do tons of damage and potentially kill that tank.

The main problem is with her bomb is that she can just speed up to a tank, stick, recall and she’s perfectly fine. Honestly, if this nerf affects you this much, then you honestly just need to git gud, because it sounds like you are relying WAYYY to much on that crutch.


Why do we have to treat ultimates as, “which is the more useless”? lol. Every ult has a different intent and purpose.

I think Roadhog’s Whole Hog is crap because everything can cancel it. As well as Mei’s - everyone can escape.

And yes. I have ~40 hours across competitive seasons and quickplay on PC, and ~30 hours across competitive seasons and quickplay on console - so about 70 or so total.


Oh man, if you think Tracer’s is useless you should see McCree’s…


You have no idea how “Easy it is to stick a bomb” - Oh so, that’s why we see so often Pro players in OWL completely miss their target. The pulse bomb is arguably amongst the hardest (mechanically) ults to get value out in the game.


I agree with the fact that tracer should not be a tank killer, that isn’t her job. I appreciate you giving me a different perspective. Maybe your right and the only difference will be she can’t kill tanks instantly anymore.


I have barely anytime on Tracer, and I find it insanely easy to stick someone.

No child not at all lul

You can get such an easy pick by just sticking a support by flanking. And 9/10 pulse bombs in the so called League are usually sticks, and when they aren’t it’s usually because of desperate measures or it get’s eaten by


You are not worrying for nothing, i just commented here above, and summarized how Tracer is really being affected.


I‘m happy with the nerf. Very lucky that they didn‘t nerf Blink or Recall. Tracer‘s ultimate has to be difficult to use and be only effective against low HP targets. The rest of her abilities make her one of the best heroes in 1v1 already. And you also have a Pulse Bomb in nearly every fight if not twice.