PVE story missions are still coming

Bite size nonsense that are archive missions with torbjorn wearing a new hat is not going to make up for the fact that they could have been transparent from the moment they dropped the full pve game concept. They whole point of this glorified frickin patch that is OW2 was to be a platform for a FULL pve experience, not chapters one or twice a month and only if you reach it in the battlepass

Face it. They lied. They stopped production in 2019 and took until NOW when people have spent potentially hundreds of dollars on skins, and doodads on guns to tell us they dropped the whole idea YEARS ago. In any other industry this would be unacceptable


I’ll be honest with you, chief. You’re kinda getting ratio’ed here.


I normally disagree with everything that you say. For once I back you up. No more expectations but even the ones they make. They’re all false. Sombra/hog rework could be season 10. As pissed as I am about the PvE I had that as an excuse for the bad PvP aspects. Now there is no excuse.

give thanks that the copium is not lethal

Stop shillin’ so hard, yeah?

What they promised us, is not what we’re getting and that’s that.

No there is no progression system being added, period. They even clarified that during the stream interview…

No, again this was confirmed to have been canceled as well…


Eh I doubt it, it’s more likely the event’s we are getting seasonally as is. maybe one every other season or three or so. Mixed with the fact that content has in fact been produced during all that dev time.

So it’s going to have those fancy cutsenes and the like.

The old archive missions were being made along side the tools to do so. As in their making building the stuff from scratch.

Now that their is already a some what large pull of enemies and modes already finished as of the old announcements. Those are most likely just being retuned and pushed forward with whatever talents they already finsihed.

Is not dead, but is mutilated and barely breathing


Meh basically no progressions system, and released in chapters. So being less dramatic ya sort of.

The story and general moment to moment gameplay will still be their.

The fact that they didn’t even hint how often those can be expected is already worrying.

looks like we aren’t getting more than one this year (on an already existing map of all things lmao)

I’m better off just watching the cinematic on YT. If story is all that matters and gameplay falls to the side. Then you just watch the cinematica and clap for the department.

Look at the road map, I know you can read.

Not the skill tree, but their is some sort of player progression in the works.

nope just the skill tree, and customization.

the stuff in the 2019 demo was already finished. It wouldn’t be hard to make a few added buffs for each of the five hero’s in a given mission. With a few new animations, Alot of which has already been presented in a near to fully finished state.

that’s most likely staying per mission, we already saw such in other events we got to play. Just not in the borderlands like system underneath it all.

Game developer : We’ve developed a game with stunning graphics, cutting edge top of the line artifical intelligence to drive not only a story driven narrative in this vast open world, but evenies that will conciously react to your tactics as you assail fortresses and dungeions with everything from the humble 9mm to full auto lazer cannons capable of turning tanks into slag

After release : Enjoy your stick figure holding a stick. the ai doesn’t react to crap and the graphics are drawn by a five year old on candy floss and monster.

You : Wow! its everything they promised and so much more!


Man I wish you could all read pass the title.

but hey like it’s not like they can’t push the already finished 2019 demo without customization.

Like it’s literally already made. And is more less what is being presented as season 6 content.

Like ya all! they can litterially add the content they already made to the game. Wow it’s a shock I know!

Im very happy that youre excited to be possibly getting a demo from 2019 presented as a game.

Most of us living in the real world are more grounded in reality I guess…


No what I’m honestly saying is expect nothing. They delivered on nothing. We will get trash. All those events like the bride and starwatch are sub par. We were promised that ow2 would be pve not cruddy event pve but actual story and if they stopped working years ago on it then we know there isn’t much of that game to draw on. There is no hope for these temporary events.

hey its not like that garbage scenario i describes cant have all the highly anticipated 3d action and cutting edge graphics

As for thier roadmap, i have a few places they could put it that are both anatomically unpleasant and painful. They lied to us. A lie, is still a lie. We’re not getting anything we were promised in OW1 and your “B-B-B-BUT TEENY WEENY 4 MINUTE MISSIONS WILL BE GOOOOOOOOOOD” arguements fail to change that

The only progression is tied to the story missions, because the PVE stuff is only going to be released in chunks and during seasons.

Progress will be saved yes, but nothing more than that. There’s no replayability or anything like that in what we’re getting.

Do you even know what talents are? Talents are tied specifically to skill trees. The skill tree is where you get your talents from, so given the fact that the skill trees have been cancelled, it also means that the talents have very much been cancelled as well.

You should read the entire interview transcript or re-watch the entire video…

Here’s the deal. You’re being hopeful for what ever reason. They haven’t revealed anything except what they won’t do. All your hopes are behind a curtain being rehearsed on how to present to perfection. I’m over it. We know nothing. So why have faith or trust? No reason to. From here on out every event feels like they have to prove themselves or it’s just anything thing added to list of “whoops maybe next time in 5 months it sticks”

And again it’s finished content, it’s what is being presented.

And belive it or not they did in fact produce content while working on PVE. And stated that such will be added as part of the live service.

This isn’t complicated. It sucks that it’s like this. But people are blowing up on the headlines and are not reading past that point.

they didn’t produce what was expected. End of.