PVE story missions are still coming

Whats it going to take for some of you to take off the rose tinted glasses and stop expecting good things to happen.

No one wanted more of those boring archives style missions with terrible AI bullet sponges?

Many of us wanted a CAMPAIGN with those skill trees and hero missions.

I was really excited to have builds for each hero for those modes.

Im not going to play more advertisements for skins modes anymore. Junkenstein was boring, Olympus and Starwatch sucked. I dont want more of that. Its barebones and lazy and doesnt reward anything at all


it sounds like the skill tree was one of the major time sinks, as giving each hero to ever release dozens of talents and semi-balanced passive buffs to create multiple builds and the likes is a lot work for what’s most likely going to be 35+heroes at the point of potential release.

Like the longer it went on the more work they needed to do, which would make the process longer, then inturn add more content that needs the PVE treatment to launch.

Be it that is speculation mostly. Be it these things looked as complex as a borderlands skill tree. Which would have been an insane amount of work. just for a dozen heroes.

It sucks it didn’t happen tho.

but if it’s anything like the Archive missions we’ve had before, they’re going to be lazy, not well thought out, and the replayability is going to be minimal. It’s just a pathetic excuse at this point.


Oh hey! A topic Blizzard wont delete! A defense of Blizzard.


Were getting the 2019 demo more less as a story mission, like that is already finished.

So like I don’t know why I wouldn’t expect less then that.

I’m not defending, I’m just pointing out their still saying were getting the story mode. And not the skill tree’s.

This is what is being presented. And displayed in the roadmap.

Yeah it’s funny the map for that demo was ready in 2019. We got it in 2022. How much are they now going to drip feed us. I’m so over being breast fed content. All I heard is it was too hard so we gave up. Then at the end they said they’re grateful for “our” loyalty. Oh are you. So when do we get to be grateful for your loyalty. Their words are flimsy and weak anything they promise from here on out is meaningless. The story missions could still get scrapped.

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“So -copium gas tank noises- pve isn’t as dead -inhalation copium gas noise- as you might think -strong inhalation copium gas noise.”


It’s the start of the story mode, the original goal was to realease all the content as one big game. That’s not happening now. And are now reworking said content as individual missions.

This wasn’t the original plan.

M8 we had PVE missions already. Like the halloween event did happen guys. They already made new enemies that are functional, and have been played by the public now.

Again. I genuinely don’t care about excuses at this point. I’ve been shilling for them for 3-4 years. I don’t care why they did it anymore. I care that it was done.

All I hear is, it was hard so we gave up. So my mentality back is, it was hard being loyal in a drought. So now I’m done.


Nuance is the word of the day.

No the word of the day is hindsight. Because now all players get to look back and go. Why did we waste 3-4 years. It’s all hindsight now.


We were promised since OW1’s content drought a PVE game

We allowed the game to be deleted for OW 2 STILL being told PVE was only a few months away

We waits. We dedicated time, effort and in some cases money expecting a pve mode.

We did not spend all that time and collateral only to be told “Yea… no… no we gave up on PVE about 2 years ago and have been using the hype to grift you of every red cent.” and no amount of “BUT LOO! SHINY NEW ARCHIVE MISSION EVERY TWO MONTHS… give or take until we decide to repeat them” is going to make up for the fact that we have been burned by a company that made a claim, made a solemn agreement to its loyal playerbase and then treated like rubes.


It was more so they wanted to not continue or fall back into the OW1 draught. And just make everything part of the PVP games update cycle.

It sucks, but it’s already been such a large time sink. At some point you have get out of the sunk cost fallacy to actually continue with anything.

Games and plans get cancelled or changed all the time. I didn’t believe it when I heard they were developing talent trees for heroes. 3 full skill trees for every single hero in the game? We have 37 heroes and will have 39 by the end of the year. There’s no way it was going to happen.

The game was likely hemorrhaging money in the last year before they stopped releasing content. Players who were still playing weren’t buying loot boxes, and they weren’t gaining players.

Yada yada, That was the plan. It didn’t work. It sucks, but sticking to it was causing more issues then it was creating.

We are still getting PVE missions.

We also now have a PVP game that doesn’t fall into the same issues 6v6 had. So their is something they did fix along the way.

Okay. Let’s look at it like this. Ow1 suffered from lack of content and updates. For two years ow1 was put on the back burner for them to make ow2. A game they promised would include pve. Now we get ow2, some of us (not me) bought the watchpoint pass $30 or $40 (i think) the price of a game with the hopes of pve. They revealed it was scrapped. They had also promised ow1 could play with ow2 only they wouldn’t get the new modes or story but pvp would be okay. So what happens? We lose content, the actual bought game, a teammate, and loot boxes (which most people didnt need to buy and felt like they could earn). What did we get in exchange? We didnt get engaging pve with the promise of combining hero ablities when in a group, the ability to play story with friends, heroes we have to purchase (if the battlepass is missed), a disappointing battle pass with no way to earn premium credits, overpriced skins (pink mercy was 15 and even if you argue charity there were the OWL skins for 10 back then), and now they are adding in content they removed like they are the sims 4. I hear you like the one fire we are bringing it back. Oh? You liked your progression shown on your icon. We are bringing something back to show it. They straight up didn’t tell us the main draw was removed way before the launch. They sold that watchpoint pass with everyone believing this was coming. No this is not good. Most people would have been fine with a limited skill tree as long as we had the story. Now all that is gone and so is ow1 for ow1.1. The ftp/battlepass/store update.


I GET WHY THE DID IT!! I don’t care. This was my game of the year. This was one of the most hype promises made. And they gave up. I do not care about the why at this point. I’ve already watched so many people go through that stupid article. I’ve read their words. They gave up after 3-4 years. So again in “hindsight” they never should have tried. We could have 15 new heroes right now! We could have 12-15 new maps! We could have 2-3 new modes. But we stopped all of that for PvE that they are now giving up on. The word of the day is HINDSIGHT. Because that’s all we have now.

Who the F cares about those seasonal events, people want history, they want the world, not seasonal :poop:, they want dungeons and bosses and waves, basically they want destiny 2 and vermintide/darktide but well done and set in the world of OW


So this isn’t what the post is about, I’m just pointing out the content is still coming more in the form of an advance Archive mission then as a stand alone game.

Like I said it sucks, but it’s still coming in some form.

And we are getting the story content, that is happening. Just because it was a none cannon event, it shows that PVE is still very much a thing. As in gameplay wise.

I will be surprised if we even see more than 1 mission a year and maybe even less after the first 3.

Pretty sure this is just audio logs as collectables or something as weak attempt for replayability.