PVE story missions are still coming

EDIT: Hey all this is a necro’d post. it’s about a month old now

Yes the semi-stand alone PVE game is not going to be a thing. Same goes for the skill trees, and hero missions as a side mode.

Be it’s story, maps, and enemies, are still being added to the game. And the fact that many of the talents seemingly have been released partially in April fools and olympus.

That most likely will still be included as upgrades to the heroes kits. In said missions.

Their is also a “lore codex” being added as season latter, which could very much be a mission select for said PVE events just being part of the game as a whole. Thus allowing them to build up over time.

That last parts are speculation, of course. But we are being advertised the 2019 demo as part of season 6.

Here is a picture of the road map for you all.



No we’re not. We’re not getting anything they revealed.


Look at the road map, it’s literally the largest picture their.


its dead

the pve we were advertised and wanted was canceled

now we’re just getting archive missions, things we already got and quite frankly not that impressive in terms of gameplay or story

wow we arrested max. so what

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You’re trying to tell me that upcoming PvE isn’t going to be and hasn’t always been a cash shop ad?
I don’t believe you.


Where do you even figure this?

This wasn’t confirmed or on the roadmap.


yes I saw the lipstick painted “missions” there

doesn’t stop it from being archive quality missions


PvE WILL be dead when players aren’t playing.



Take a nap, the negativity is getting to you.


A big draw to the pve was progression, tons of builds with all the talents and heroes, and lots of replay ability. If it’s anything like archives, which it sounds like, it will be boring after 30m. Nothing to unlock, no builds to play with, boring for pve.


‘guys the pve that was advertised to you for four years has been axed despite people telling you it was coming stop being so negative gaiz cmon give blizz the benefit of the doubt here :frowning: :frowning: :(’


copium gas tank noises


nah, I’m just elated seeing all the chaos around this announcement lol. already quit a few months ago and glad that i took that decision so i’m not dissapointed by the lie.


So their is actually some sort of progression system being added, most likely player related and not hero specific.

And some sort of hero mastery mode in season 7, not sure what. but their is something along that lines coming.

Also talents could still be their as just part of the hero.

But ya it sucks the borderland skill tree’s won’t be their.

It’s Archives+ which is a big disappointment. Could’ve kept the hero skill tree and just made missions choosing any hero.

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they are literal trashed two week limited events with the sole purpose of selling skins. Starwatch is our first clear indicator of how bad the lore will be in the “PvE” will with dumb 15 second clip when you lose or win in the event.


So it’s not dead. Just the legs are broken and they can’t afford a wheelchair or crutches. So not dead. Just incapable.


I see what you’re saying I see the pic you’re talking about and I really want the story missions to be good. I think this is why flats was saying he’s quiting the game after season 6 so he can see what the PvE ended up as.

I think a lot of people know, it’s just that for them it may as well be dead because the talents were most of the draw.