PVE Match Crashing


When I play a PVE mode (only PVE) then about twice per game the characters stop moving around and I can not do any damage. After 4-6 seconds I get thrown out into the main menu. After a few seconds (max 10) I reconnect to the game and can continue. This has happend to me in every match in (only in) PVE.

I belive this has something to do with my conection to the servers. Becuase long ago (Little over a year ago) my Connection was very very bad. When my internet connection crashed about the same would happen exept I would not be reconnected.

Even tough it happens to my brother (with the same connection) at the same time I do not think it is my internet connection becuase it only happens in PVE and at the same time every match.

I have not expirienced any connection problems in any other mode or program with my current conection.

I wonder if this is a common or uncommon problem and how to fix it/if I am doomed to this problem for eternity and not able to beat PVE on higher difficulties becuase of my chrashing?

/Btw great PVE mode otherwise!


It’s happened to me since Overwatch Uprising, but didn’t happen in the original Junkenstein. Although, when Junkenstein returned the bug started to happen on Junkenstein too and now of course Overwatch Retribution.


Happens to me too. It really sucks.


How can we fix it? i really like the mode but i cant even play it without being kicked

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Hey guys!
We’re currently investigating this issue and were notified of a possible workaround if you’re using a Netgear router.


In addition to the instructions in this link, also try prioritizing UDP ports 26503-36503.

If you don’t mind answering a few questions, i’m continuing to collect information about this issue as new reports arise.

  1. Were you playing any of the PVE events when you encountered this issue?
    If so, was it Retribution or Uprising? Was it story mode or all heroes?
  2. What kind of router do you have and what is the model number?
  3. Are you hardwired or wireless?



1.It is when I play ALL PvE events. When Junkenstien first came out there was no problem, but when Archives first released this bug has been happing to me on all PvE events. 2. I use a NetGear Router and the model is R6220. 3. I am hardwired.


It happens in all PvE events, usually around the same time in Havana normally when the 1st tank appears in the warehouse second dc happens while escorting the payload and sometimes a 3rd dc towards the end. Uprising, it happened while i was walking towards the cart and again when the 1st tank form bastion appears. It happens on both story and all heroes.

router netgear model r6260. I’m hardwired to an xbox one


The link you have here is deleted. What were the steps please.


Please repost the workaround for this issue. We are having the same crashing error when playing all 3 of the archives events (storm rising, retribution, and uprising). We have a netgear router model # r6220 . I am hardwired into an xbox one. This is happening to my boyfriend as well who uses the same router and is also hardwired to an xbox one.