PvE Dev Update - A Pity Party

Pity Party. That’s all I keep thinking while reading through the excuses for the cancellation of PvE Hero Mode and talent trees.

Oh we feel bad, we poured out heart and soul into this for years feel sorry for us.

No, absolutely not, you failed your customers and you failed badly. The excuses are also non-sensical. Blizzard is a company that makes the most celebrated PvE MMO in existence with a robust and integrated PvE system that has annual tournaments with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line.

We’re not getting what was promised because it’s too easy to cut employees while raking in battlepass and shop money.

The worst part of this entire thing is the arrogance.


What a load of balooney.

I don’t accept this.
The story mode is ruined without hero missions


What a laughing stock of a company. Given the golden keys to make insane franchises with loyal fanbases and they cant do it to save their lives


They were toxic, like we are wrong for being upset that they failed to deliver Overwatch 2. They failed to deliver the game that was promised.

The cop out of saying we still are giving story missions is disgusting since the whole point of the Overwatch 2 was the PvE portion.

The exulcuse they bit off more they can chew is an excuse. Fire up two teams, that solely focus on battle pass features, new maps and heroes. The remaining work on PvE and peel off one team for solely resolving balance issues as needed.

Its logical to get the extra income coming from battle pass to fund the game you were to deliver. You already were getting battle pass income coming in.

The fact they shot themselves in the foot by making that decision and then trying to delay it as long as possible to tell us so they can suck as much money out before they would risk the loss of revenue.

The leadership team did something toxic. And based off Overwatch rules that is bannable.

Fire 'em. Fire them all.



Maybe unpopular or sound callous, but I don’t give a crap about how much they poured their heart and soul into it - they screwed it up. They lied and manipulated the playerbase to look better to their shareholders. They can’t pick and choose when they want to have heart.

So if they can be callous and business-focused, so can we. Their feelings don’t mean crap: it’s about the product and the product is piss-poor and has been for years now.


I’m as upset about this as anyone, but let’s be real - the devs themselves are probably innocent, and the only ones (aside from the players, obviously) who deserve some sympathy in this whole fiasco.

The programmers, artists, developers, designers, etc. didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, they probably had years of sweat and tears torn away from them for nothing. That sucks.

The villains in this are the management team and, more importantly, the higher ups in charge of profits for Blizzard as a whole. Ya know, the shot-callers who never actually even see the game, much less understand it. All they want to see is more money.

So like, yep, a bunch of people in charge screwed up. But I do actually feel bad for the non-management part of the dev team. RIP those guys’ work for the past 4 years.

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Whips out phone. Hey Maya, Wanna continue our adventures on the Switch? Cool Borderlands 2 is on sale on the Switch okay see ya there.
Makes another call. Hey Moze, still got Iron Bear? Course ya do, since Blizzard failed the community again no surprise there, Wanna continue the other DLC? Yeah? Okay see ya there.
Well until we meet again.