Push And Flashpoint Failed (cause of leaving)

What would solve the problem is to let players choose what game modes to play.


Or maybe, not pushing people to play things they don’t like in the first place?

People actually want to enjoy some time off playing video games, how dare them not respect the experience the developer crafted them!

Leaving a game that already has begone is one thing, not even committing to start playing a mode you don’t like is an entirely different topic.

Maybe because they like part of the game, just not that ‘one’ aspect of it.
They likely already wouldn’t have been there if they didn’t like the game as a whole.

Ultimately it’s an aspect they can’t control which makes it a double edged sword.
\ Give them the control: fragment the player base further.
\ Don’t give them the control: potentially ruin more peoples time giving them a fake promise.


I keep telling players to stop playing OW if they don’t like it but no one likes that suggestion


Not only SR but also time penalty preventing you queuing up that racks up to the seasonal suspension from competitive.

Remember that!

No it wouldn’t…

People would stop playing whatsoever!

If you want to kill a game then this is a great way to do this. But I assume that is not a goal that Blizzard have in mind!

Those “most of the other FPS games that do this” have option to disable modes you don’t want to queue up for!

If game is not fun (as those modes are not)? Yes

Again if sport is not fun? Yes.

I hope you see a pattern here?

Huh? what about me saying “I ain’t doing so and so” is “putting up with me”?

Bottom line is, I don’t play push. With you analogy lets say I refuse to play basketball (and I don’t - I hate it!). But when my buddies aske me to play some sports I would be like “sure, what you have in mind? Oh and remember I don’t play basketball” and they say “yeah, we were thinking volleyball” and I am like “ok cool”, and then it turns out they lied and they want to play basketball with me me saying “y’all have fun, I am gonna go home straight away” is nothing I should be shamed for!


This is subjective. Everybody likes and dislikes different things but leaving ruin the experience to people who like certain maps / game modes.

Then they can feel free to play solo games and leave whenever they want and not ruin the fun to people in Multiplayer games :man_shrugging:

I’ve heard that knitting is fun, if some parts of a solo video game is not good enough in their eyes… At some point, if people can’t handle the slighest thing they don’t like in video gaming, might as well switch games or stop playing video games altogether.

Except when the matchmaking fails to find someone to backill and then you get stuck 5-6 minutes in the match, knowing it’s harder to turn it into a victory.

Also, backfilling for people who leave is not a fun experience. One shouldn’t pay the consequences of people leaving every other game.

Anyways, you’ll have to deal with it from now on :slight_smile: :

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes - October 10, 2023:

And keep in mind that most other multiplayer FPS games already have that kind of penalties in unranked matches, so it’s pefectly normal for Overwatch to implement some as well. Those are pretty mild, in my opinion.

Leavers will adapt or “ba-bye” :wave:

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Humans are selfish beings, your own enjoyment comes first, always.
Prime example #1: You.
You want others to be punished so you can enjoy this game.

You wouldn’t have to receive that fake promise of a game and instead would be waiting longer to queue up for a single game, doesn’t sound like much more fun either, because regardless of what happens the bad experiences will always stick out like a sore thumb.

Nobody is forcing you to stay in that case, you know the outcome likely won’t be favourable neither will be the experience from you staying unless that miracle happens.

Having basically dead meat that’s just trying to avoid reports / punishment from the system for 5-6 minutes won’t make this experience any better, hell they might even drive morale down further than they’d do by just straight up leaving.

Which again makes this a questionable report as you can’t know if someone is just having a bad day / game or is deliberately trying to avoid the punishments, assuming they don’t spill their beans in TC, MC, or VC…


Current QP experience is already slowly killing the game. Bad behavior shouldn’t be tolerated in online gaming, ever. A player doesn’t get to select what they like or don’t like as the rules don’t change depending on their personal tastes.

Imagine if one player, that often leaves the maps they hate, gets their favorite map and is happy about it but encounters players that don’t like and start leaving or throwing the match… They would be angry (with good reasons) but it would also be very hypocritical of them, knowing they do that too to other players on different maps.

Not all of them, Valorant being one of them. Not all FPS games have that “vote” for the map system. Also, it indirectly ruins the game as devs would not work on new maps frequently, knowing that a vocal minority has the power of canceling the map.

I don’t see the point of playing the same map over and over again. King’s Row is well-known for being the most popular map, yet I would be annoyed / bored if people voted to play on this map almost every single match.

Then it’s pretty sad, again, as even solo games have parts that are less fun than others. If the smallest obstacle makes people throw in the towel, the future of video gaming is pretty doomed.

How some random player think developpers feel in terms of being creative when some players are so quick to judge and give up whenever there’s something new ?

This is literally killing originality and creativity. Video gaming shouldn’t be about creating generic games that all look alike. We need innovation and diversity.

So, in a team’s sport, when you play with friends or teammates, whenever you feel like not playing anymore (for whatever reasons), everyone should submit to it, despite ruining the team’s experience… ?

How about those people who have mood swings stop playing sports altogether instead of ruining the experience of others ?


Your analogy doesn’t stand.

If we are to compare Overwatch to a sport, game modes would be some aspect of the same sport, and not game modes being different sports.

You sure don’t like every aspect of volleyball, yet you keep playing it. This should be the same for Overwatch. We are expected to accept the game as a whole, not just parts of it.

If some players aren’t able to do so and feel like quitting a game mode over and over again, they have two options => quitting the game and play something else they have less issues with (like parts of the game) or stay and deal with the consequences of penalties whenever they leave a game modes they don’t like.

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" Push And Flashpoint Failed (cause of leaving)"
I know this isn’t what you meant, but I think it’s hilarious that someone might make a post like “guys if we just didn’t have any leavers (>:c) then the modes would be successful!”, as if still forcing players who hate the mode in this multiplayer game that requires other humans to play, to play it anyway, was ever a good idea by Blizzard

No, they failed because they are awful game designs and massively flawed maps.

People leave because of those reasons.


Also yeah, that’s SombrasFeet for ya. I don’t know too many people who DON’T want them on their Ignore list (same with Trickster) lol

How about let us all choose which modes to queue for instead of insisting people change and burp you every time you need it

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I am telling you, that I DO get to select what I like and what I don’t like!

This is so far away from what I am advocating…

This is sorted by “queue only for selected modes” option… Then you removed a lot of leavers (since a lot of people leave certain modes)…

As far as I know Valorant have only one “general mode” (o7 General Mode) when you queue up.

This won’t work in OW, never even suggested this!

And “cancelling maps” is in a result of those maps just being badly designed… If they would designed modes that are good instead of push and flashpoint this problem wouldn’t arise!

But they designed two modes that are failures and now they are surprised that people don’t like to play them…

You don’t see what’s wrong with this?


Nice straw man…

Now take it and present it to someone that actually makes a point to do this!

It’s pretty sad that I don’t force myself to play a game that is not fun?

It is really sad that you think this way and you do force yourself!

Less fun =/= not fun

Do not put words in my mouth!

Nice straw man…

Was it fun to knock it down?

We have push for 6 seasons now…

Flashpoint for like what? 2?

If this is “so quick” for you, then I feel sorry for any of your friends when they ask you to help them with something and they need that help quickly.


It is a feedback that they can use… Mode is not liked? Then lets fix it’s issues!

What you actually do is killing the game over “creativity for creativity’s sake”… If something is bad, forcing your players to endure it is not the way. It is actually really disrespectful towards your players.

Nice straw man…

I even elaborated on that exact example!

If it is not fun, I ain’t doing it. It is not my job! No one pays me to do this, so if I don’t have fun, I am not doing it!

Yes it does!

Nope… They are different sports since they are played differently!


I like flashpoint

Its not really flashpoint anymore, more like Leavers Central.


Oh yeah no, there is a 50/50 chance of me leaving at least Flashpoint maps. If I’m already in a bad mood from crap games before this (or just in general in a bad mood), my butt dips pretty fast from any FP game. Push I can tolerate, but barely, but FP can go in the dumpster where it belongs imo.

Nothing worse than getting stomped on the first point, only to be swatted off the objective like flies at every attempt to take it. Plus having a bad spawn as you’re almost to the previous objective only for it to now be like 200 m in the complete opposite direction, which means you’re going to encounter the enemy on your way there…alone.


Cool beans.

I’ve never played on Aztec in CS, because people hate Aztec. I want to play Aztec, but I’m unable to, yet Aztec is still included in the game and yet I’ve never touched it despite my best efforts to try it out in over two decades.

Who cares if some people don’t like it, play the stupid match because I enjoy it.

My issues with Flashpoint are:

-How claustrophobic and little cover there is on a lot of the points; (in fairness, this isn’t so bad on Suravasa)
-The dogwater design that is how spawns work, often punishing you for winning a fight.



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my problem is they should show your spawn and enemy spawn so it can be easier to decided how to converge to a new point as a team

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They’d just showcase how nonsense the way spawns change is, so they’ll never do that. Horrific game design!