Punishment on a D/C

So i was doing my placements and Blizzards Servers had a Hiccup on me and now i am suspended and it show that d/c and one of my placements as a loss. What the hell blizzard that seems lame that this was your own servers fault your systems need to know between a force leave and a disconnection. Hell I am in Networking and i know it show on the relay when there was a drop in service. So my question is why are you screwing me over when its your fault here.

All disconnections will count as leaving the match and will be penalized. This is not on Blizzard’s end otherwise you would have been returned to the game lobby with the message “Server closed due to an unexpected error.” Error messages like “Lost Connection to the Server” or “Failed to connect to the server” are connection issues that is outside of Blizzard’s control. Remember on the world wide web, your connection will go through multiple hubs and a problem at any of them will drop your connection to the game server, but not your own internet connection in general.

If you are disconnecting frequently we can help you pinpoint the issue of the disconnection through a WinMTR test. However if this was a simple, one time issue, it is best to play a few games in quick play to make sure the connection is stable and then continue on. Your hidden MMR will not be severely affected so its easy to recover your true skill rating in the long term, even if you did not finish placements.

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