Punishment for leaving competitive matches early are too harsh

So someone who leaves a competitive match before it even starts is treated like someone who left like 5 or 10 minutes in. That’s unfair first of all. And second, if someone disconnects, not leaves, they shouldn’t be punished because its not their fault they left the match, i was at peak today and the power went out entirely, what do I get : a 5 min ban and I lose 50SR, that WOULD be understandable if games were not canceled when someone leaves early and players lose their SR as a result. But they do, therefore no one gets affected, and players who did leave shouldn’t receive punishment. Is it fair for example to lose everything i climbed today because of something out of my control ? Didn’t think so myself plz blizzard fix this.


Not possible to tell the difference. And would be super abused if there was a way to differentiate.

It’s actually 10 minutes ban and 50 SR loss from the second you DC. If you saw 5 minute timer it’s because you took 5 minutes to get back into the main screen.

Yes. It’s your responsibility to make sure you have a stable connection.

Working as intended, nothing to fix.


How does blizzard tell the difference between some one pulling their internet cable out and some one being disconnected by something out of their control?

Don’t worry. I will wait for a reply.


Yes this needs to be changed. You’re not negatively affecting anyone by cancelling the match. You shouldn’t lose 50sr, but you should get a suspension to prevent abuse


Have you heard of “queue dodgers”?

That’s why I said you get a suspension. It adds to your regular leaver penalties and you can get season banned for it.

Unfortunately if you give people a inch they’ll take several thousand miles while complaining about not getting more.

Where something can be abused players can and will abuse it. If they feel they’re going to lose they can disconnect themselves to save their friends a small amount of SR loss, for example.

:confused: wish i could deny that

Hi. I was doing the first 10 match and the beginning of the 9th my internet is just gone. It happens often when I playing on Wifi but since I got the cable maybe once or twice a month. So I’m just curious why does it count on the results and how it affect it, or is it going to put me in the same rank just with 50SR loss?

Yeah except people would quit every time their idea of a perfect team comp wasn’t chosen and people could cherry pick the matches they want to play, then masters+ players sit in another 4-7 min queue. Keep SR loss plz.

You could have it so you get season banned for leaving too many times