Punisher's Low FPS Thread

All Razer user here (I love Chroma), After the recent Nvidia update I am now experiencing FPS Drops mid game as well. (RTX 2080).
A friend of mine at our studio has a gaming setup with a RTX 2080Ti and he experiences fps drops as well (Chroma user as well). We both are able to run OW at 100% render max settings locked at 144 fps and we do see our fps’ go down by 2 or 5 fps at max even during intense team fights. (I’ve never seen my fps go any lower than 135 very honestly.) Moreover I have also witnessed an increase in the GPU Temps as well, at times it goes up to 87 degrees Centigrade.

This was up until recently when we both started noticing fps drops by 25-40 at average mid game. Ever since the latest Nvidia patch came along and the recent OW updates came in, we both are witnessing fps drops (down to 90 fps at times) which is very strange and annoying as well. (DPS players)
I honestly don’t think there is any way we can resolve this on our own and the only thing we hope for is a new patch by Nvidia and possibly some tweaking by Blizzard.

If the RTX '80 series can’t do 144 fps (like it used to before) then I honestly don’t know what can.
It’s really strange and I don’t know if there is even anything we can do about it as from all that I’ve seen it always comes out to be our (consumer’s) fault.

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If there are still issues I’d want to get some HWMonitor screenshots. We’ll want to run that for about 10 minutes while you’re having issues. Once done take screenshots of the info in HWMonitor and upload them to an image sharing like like imgur to link here. If you are unable to post links, you can get past the restriction by formatting it like this: