PTR update just now?

Is it just me or did PTR just get a 700MB update?

Read the patch notes, this is some really interesting Workshop stuff. You can change the size of players. Looks like you can also have unbalanced teams with a maximum of 12 players still. 11v1 boss mode anyone?




Indeed it did,
What it was I have no clue

Those workshop changes are really exciting, especially the Lopsided Teams features

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Biggest PTR update in a long time. You can also change everyones voice pitch. Deep voice tracer is terrifying.

tons of improvement for workshop creator. the ability to have asymmetrical team size is huge! PvE content creator are going to love it.


omg that torb is so small he could fit right in my pocket
climb in there, little buddy

Priority queue for backfillers? Niiiiice.

I hope that’s not it.

Kinda wasting time if that’s the failed experiment






And the 2 Moira bugs I’ve been reporting for 2 months… not fixed :weary:

Thats different, that would be under the ‘EXPERIMENT’ tab

This is the PTR, for finding game breaking bugs and what not (I.e. to see if the workshop additions crash the game)

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Yo this update is awesome. We can finally make 11v1 boss battle modes without having to use deathmatch and iron out bugs.

Player scaling looks fun too. Gonna be awesome playing those “Rein chases tiny Torb” games now.


PTR and Experimental are two different things.

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I hope so.

:crossed_fingers:Healer Sym

Would be nice to be sure though.

Jeff could still twist it that due how vague it was