PTR Update? Can we get informations?


I would like to know whats new on PTR.



Thats 1 day ago.
I get (now) an update on the PTR with 400 mb.


That’s the latest information we have; if there was a recent update with no patch notes then it was just bug fixes that don’t warrant patch notes

(Bill Warnecke) #5

Hey there, the patch today was primarily focused on stability and performance. Have a great weekend, cheers!

6/29 Patch changes?
PTR Patchnotes?

Thanks Bill! Have a swell weekend too!


Any ETA on the Hammond HP bar bug?


Thanks Bill!


Thank you!
You made my day :blush:


Any way we could get these more often? The lack of clarity is really killer here.


What is this?


Dude… I think you’ve stumbled across a summer games skin.

Give this it’s own post, stat.


Can we vent our Sombra anger on you? I mean, it’s not the time nor the place but like, can you take one for the team? =P


My best guess after that gold post would be bug fixes to the issue where when multiple hammonds used mine field, the game would crash.


They fixed it with the patch


Did you fix the bug where Sombra got nerfed on the PTR?


Oh really? cool!


Ok. But why it was over 700MB?


i am very glad you fixed a roadhog bug which actually helped him so maybe try fixing the bug with his hook which is hurting him


Do we have an estimate of when Hammond will be available on live servers?