PTR server issues?


Anyone else unable to get on the PTR? I can’t seem to connect to a server but I was just on an hour ago… are they updating it?


Me too. Likely related to ASHE WOOOOOOOOOO!


That’s what I’m hoping for!!

(Romain Dijoux) #4

Try again and see… :wink:


She’s up!!! Thanks!!!


Bout to go home “sick” for this.


Are there any ptr servers in Australia or no. Every time i play a game i get 200+ ping and 300+ in practice range.and everyone one i know has the same problem. this is going on for more than a year. how are we suppose to test out changes and heroes on 200+ ping and give feedback. Or AU feedback is off the list?


Not working. “IN QUEUE: 3000 PLAYERS AHEAD OF YOU”.

Is this legit or is there a bug or something?


Ugh I know, it’s ridiculous. 200 - 300 ping. Now what? Put in a queue and can’t log in. Is this just an Australian problem?