PTR Patch Notes (link inside)


Only posted on the EU forums for some reason.

Notably, there are some highly requested changes that were not mentioned in the developer update, including a direct nerf to Brigitte’s shield durability and a reduction of Torbjorn’s head size.

Edit: Updated link to the US version, as it is now available.


Sick, these look awesome. Thanks! (Or Cheers, I guess, since they’re on EU…)


They nerfed the right thing for Brigitte this nerf sound awesome


I dont know what to think about the pharah changes.


Me too, i’m not sure how it will affect console as a whole


The sad part is that jeff said that they want a pharah be worse on lower ranks but a better option on higher ranks…

The problem is that this thing only work on pc. On console pharah have higher pkckrate and winrate on higher ranks than lower ranks. Especially on ps4.


Took them 2 years to reduce Combat roll cooldown by 2 seconds :smile:
They actually did it.


I was skeptical when they said they’d be changing her, but I think this is a good direction to take. Part of the issue on console and lower-level PC is that she can 3-shot all the hitscan characters while knocking them around with splash damage alone. That lets an average Pharah kill an average hitscan player much faster than they can kill her. I think this approach will help balance that out so players who are directly engaging her at range will get more benefit from avoiding her shots.

She is getting other benefits in return, so it will very likely improve her in cases where she’s not 1v1ing a counter. It might also encourage some more aggressive (less safe) play to maximize her damage output.


Console lower ranks dont have problems with pharah…

The higher ranks have the problem. And this is because on higher ranks the pharahmercy players dont play like suicide guys and fly near enemys hitscans also the pharah allieds focus the anti air enemys.

The problem on console against a decent pharahmercy, is because we dont have a lot of good widowmakers and is easier play pharahmercy than counter this.

Maybe Those new pharah changes will not change anything.