PTR Patch July 26th 2019

Here we go again :slight_smile: !

List any changes you’ve noticed so far.

An almost 700 Mo patch this time.

Edit : First change I’ve noticed : Training mode is now available ! Yay !

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I tested some stuff in the revived practice range.

The only change I think they made was allowing Sym’s turrets to stack slows, but it seems to either cap at certain point or have diminishing returns. There’s definitely more of a slow effect with multiple turrets.

(Note: I did not test Sym prior to this PTR update, so apologies if this was already the case. I was under the assumption there was zero slow stacking on her turrets with the recent changes to how slows work)

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LFG is back and so is practice range

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No Symm change apparently. Same for Brig.

Sigma now sometimes speaks another language if your game is set in French, German or other languages the game offers.

This patch is probably about correcing a few bugs and maybe Sigma’s ult not being able to make enemies not contest the payload on overtime. This one will need a full game and that specific situation to confirm (a lot of people addressed this issue yesterday).

I don’t know which patch this was added but there is an option to stop auto queuing after games in the settings now.

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I let you guys keep continuing the investigation. Gotta go to bed :slight_smile: ! Have a good night !

Why not just read the patch notes?

They were only uploaded 2 minutes ago.

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