PTR: Overwatch Balance Ideas


I was thinking about overwatch maybe some people maybe thought it of it. If they have I am sorry for reposting the same idea you guys where having. I got few ideas for Balance/new abilities for heroes might help heroes themselves.

Idea 1: Zenyatta (Movement): Mostly like a lot of people said something about this. When you have two different orbs out Zen get a movement buff. So he can move into postion and get to cover quickly if anything.

Idea 2: Zenyatta (Protection): You know “Highlight Intro called Focused” it should be a personal shield last long as Zarya’s bubble. Here thing He can’t sent out orbs to heal and/or discord. If he already sent out Healing Orb and/or Discord it will stay on the target.

Idea 3: Zenyatta (Transcendence): I was thinking of this Let Transcendence do both Healing and Discord. Healing self explained if a enemy goes inside the Transcendence they will get be discorded as long they inside the Transcendence. If they get out of the radius transcendence they will not be discorded anymore. I feel like it help Zen and his allies to fight back better.

Idea 4: Reinhardt (Quick Melee): Thinking about this most likely people will say no this. As a Reinhardt main as I swing my hammer you need that one swing but you couldn’t get off his swing is slow. Why give Reinhardt a quick melee use his butt of the hammer to do 20 dmg or 15 dmg lower then everyone Melee.

Idea 5: Mercy (Esuna): Mostly likely people think of this too Mercy should have ability to help take out debuff like Zarya’s bubble. It could be ability that if you have healing beam on someone you can use this ability to help. Or you can use use this ability as target and she sent orb to help clean the debuff.

Idea 6: Reinhardt (Shield): Reinhardt should have ability that he overclocked his shield that shield have 20% Shield Damage Reduce and also weapon like Tesla Cannon, Moria’s Coalescence, and anything are similar to that won’t thought the shield. There’s a trade off when the Duration of 20 sec is up he can’t use his shield for 10/or 5 secs off cooldown. If the player lower his shield can’t use Overclocked shield for 10sec.

I hope you like ideas I hope people will shine in. If you don’t like the Idea it’s fine you can make fun of me.


I really like idea 5, the Esuna Ability. Although I think it should be called something else seeing as how Mercy doesn’t fit in with the Final Fantasy titles (I’m not knocking, FF8 is my fav), but I think it could actually be a good replacement for her resurrect ability. Or it could even be like a regen/esuna, where it would remove debuffs and give you a regenerative status for like 4 seconds after, something small of course so it wouldn’t be overpowered. the regen wouldn’t heal you fully, like maybe 50 hp over 5 secs or something. IDK. what do you think?