PTR Mercy actually feels really good


wish my experience was more like yours then cuz i have probably 25 hours playtime just while her ultimate is active alone. and in my experience valk is the most boring part of her kit


Notice how I didn’t mention how often moria gets her ult because it is super fast, mostly because it’s crap and super situational, she doesn’t gain enough healing if shes focused on by one person (depending on the hero but most can take her out on their own) it blocks her from using fade, and I swear it either makes her slower or maybe it just bloats her hit box for some stupid reason, it’s really only good near the end of a teamfight to barley stave of your teammates death and kill the enemies near death.

In terms of ana you must consistently get stupid enemies or play much more aggressively as her because fast charge for any healer comes from doing damage, that’s why I try and keep from anas sight lines and take her out first before most other healers if i can pick.


6 seconds of not making any meaningful decisions other than possible body blocking vs. flying for 15 seconds making choices between healing, damage amp, killing someone, positioning etc.

It’s only a spectator mode for bad mercys.


If healers would always “keep up with the damage” it would turn into a boring stalemate, unless they buff DPS again to break it…
Tuning down heals a smitch before this power creep we are witnessing now goes out of control might be a good idea.


There were Mercy changes? Where are the patch notes?


Those. I’m just a little late to the party


I’m just gonna sit here and wait for her blaster to be nerfed to hell.


Tuning down one healer significantly more than the others means that healer is less capable of doing their job. The complaints are not that Mercy can’t out heal everyone. Its that she can’t outheal literally anything where as at least the rest can.


Who knew that her original 60HPS was so good that they brought it back instead of keeping it nerfed

but wait they only brought it back for Valkyrie though


If healers can’t keep up with the damage, there is no reason to target them first, which means that they can be safely ignored with no consequences. They are supposed to be priority targets, significantly slowing down your team progress, if left alive, not just mild annoyance.

That’s how you balance weak ultimates: you make them charge faster. Not an improvement, but justifies ultimate being bad. Strong ultimates cause snowball effect, weak ultimates are incapable of that.

You have exactly same choices without Valkyrie. That’s what makes it so incredibly boring ult. Which would be fine, if it had enough power in return, but it doesn’t.


Why didn’t they test Anas buffs without nerfing Mercy in the same patch?


I think it was to make sure that Mercy will get out of meta since she’s been so strong for a bit over a year and it started to make people leave the game.


yeah and valk is not weak so there is no reason for it to get that kind of buff it’s fast enough as is.


As long as it requires your team to be better than other team, it’s bad.


People were leaving the game not because Mercy was meta, but because boring AF OP Moth Mercy that no longer makes choices and lets her ult do her job for her was meta (which by the way not a single Mercy player wanted), while new heros and rising meta heros were CC and ability based, and events as well as content released by Blizzard has been increasingly stale or lacking of new material/story/game modes. That was only worsened by the developers infinite refusal to read and understand the core of the feedback about why people were upset about the game in general as well as the state of Mercy.

Mercys not the only one who has dominated the meta before. The only difference with Mercy being meta is the Mercy players were blamed completely for the developers actions and choices, and even the OWL, YouTubers, and streamers joined in on it. Anas complete meta dominance in the past didn’t garner Ana player hate. Lucio was meta early game, and no one hated on Lucio players for (at the time) only having to simply exist within the general area. Rein over the last 6 months has enjoyed the highest pick rate and no one says anything about Reins skill requirement. There is even less aim requirement to play Rein than Mercy has (her pistol is 40m/s with much smaller and rapid fired projectiles vs fire strike at 26.6m/s), yet no one says anything about that. To play Rein properly you simply have to know position and have good game sense to prevent being caught out of place or vulnerable, keep track of who you’re protecting, switch between holding M1 and M2 based on whats happening, and most importantly tolerating being treated like the team’s and enemy’s punching bag and be completely unappreciated for what you do and put up with; all the same requirements to play Mercy, yet no cries about skill requirements. (I’m being overly simplistic about both and a bit facetious, but the spirit of the point stands none the less.)

From several people I know who quit playing, the problem was the toxicity. The sheer vitriolic hate over the perceived skill of the people playing Mercy and the new heros made the game as well as everything surrounding the game so endlessly toxic and the rise of players in games not caring or cooperating made it hard to enjoy the game even when playing with everything muted. It was a case of them saying “I play games for fun. This isn’t fun, so I’m not going to play anymore.” I have a feeling for a lot of people it was a similar issue.


im GM on my mercy one trick account



Did you want a medal or something?
What’s your point?



People saying that we need to try it out are really, really, missing the point here.


Your argument is invalid. If i am able to play at the second highest rank in the game with arguably the weakest hero in the game then i am obviously not bad at her.


I’m not a Mercy main but honestly it’s a nice balance. I always felt like 50HP wasn’t a bad change for Mercy and the change between Valk heals per second and standard makes Valk feel more impactful. I only worry that Valk is still outclassed by Zen’s ultimate.

I’d rather have a Valk which is single target healing but combines the 60HP/s healing with the power of the damage beam, so effectively Mercy becomes able to perform a Psuedo Kritzkrieg. I think it would work a lot better and have more impact on a single target.