PTR Hero Pool - February 5th, 2020 - Sigma, Ashe, Symmetra, Mercy

We all know this map pool thing its only gonna matter n gm, lit from diamond to silver the meta is non existing

The last patch was on PTR for 5 days then released.

the sarcasm is real we stan StvoPOP

I have a feeling this patch will run under a longer trial period. Mostly due to the new workshop updates. They have been going through a lot of stuff about it in the PTR Feedback forum on that.

Thank the god OP opressive Sym is banned and Mercy with her insane healing and situational utility aswell YAS frick you moth like we wouldnt want them pharah to be playable anyway and Sigma yes ma’am frick the overnerfed toes and ash ? PogU finally we gonna see some Widow , Ash always outshawed her like always , thank god blizz keep them word about only banning meta defining heroes who are too strong and played “cough” Kappa “cough”

i mean i know its a ptr test but cmon bro at leats try to actually ban the current meta/problematic heroes instead of 3 off meta no name and 1 overnerfed tank

Symmetra and Mercy banned? Blizz please…

As an Ashe main, this hurts.

lmao, whats her pick rate before a ban? LMAO

Hey everyone, I would point out that the random heroes being banned definitely seems like experimentation. As a reminder Jeff did have this to say about when the system goes live what heroes they would be deciding on:

Every hero will get the ban hammer on PTR before this feature is pushed to live. As I said earlier, they’re checking for bugs, and won’t push hero pools to live until every box has been checked.

And the winner of who wants to be a forum mvp goes to…

Oh, daily hero pool there? Good to know.

Liked the hero pool feature. Finally can get rid of Symmetra and her annoying turrets for a week when season 21 starts.

I hope that hero pools are updated more frequently than once a week. I think every 2 days could shake things up a lot and reduce the number of people not playing for a whole week because their one trick signature hero got banned.

You have only been reading what you want to read; I’m not trashing them for trying, I’m trashing them for failing in the past. Simple as that. Like I said: I’ll believe it when I see it.

This is either 200IQ sarcasm or a 30IQ opinion and I honestly can’t tell which it is

is this a direct attack to me?

Because Sym definitely needed to be banned :roll_eyes:

When queue times are below 10 minutes for each role, I will try the ptr.

I wish Experimental Card comes to OW sooner. PTR is absolutely useless without larger player base. I have no incentive to try it when it takes way too long to get into a game.

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If they ban Rein, any comp built around him will not work. I am 99% sure that’s how it will go, don’t really need to see it happen.