PTR Hero Balance Notes

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Sniffs ahhh i smell dva being crappy again and thrown into the dumpster.


I mean, I’m glad his charge rate got buffed, but this doesn’t really help the problems Sigma blatantly has.


Bro… It’s 1 second… chill


She still has her buffed Defense Matrix & not to mention an extremely short cooldown on Boosters.

You’re making a mountain out of a molehill.


That Soldier buff… I’m happy he’s going to see more play but I would have just hoped for some nerfs to other characters.

Let’s give the old man some time in the sunshine and see how it plays out.


I like the changes and glad they’re less ‘pull name out of hat, coinflip to nerf or buff’ than the last round.

Soldier and Sigma need more but it’s something.

1 second is fine. I didn’t want the booster buff at all tbh. She needs self-sustain to stay in the fight, not the power to run from the fight. She’s only meta because Orisa and Sigma got dumpstered, not because of the booster buff.

Why are they ignoring a tank so OP he’s basically obligatory?

I’d rather a minor nerf for Reinhardt in concert with some buffs to make other tanks as viable.

What I don’t want is a sledgehammer to make him as bad as the others.

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On the one hand I’m glad they’re not completely dumpstering Mei and are instead giving her smaller nerfs to find balance but on the other hand this feels like major developer bias.

Some other heroes would have been hit with the nerf hammer much harder, much earlier and on many parts of their kit if they were as strong and prevalent as Mei and were so commonly complained about as her

Yeah, that’s exactly what I want as well.

I don’t want any tank to be bad. When a main tank especially is bad, it kills off an entire mode of play and team composition.

remember ptr is what they are sure about, so they are sure they want this stuff, once 1-3-2 is out then we will probably see all the things they arent sure about

No nerfs to Rein and Zarya? No buffs for Baptiste? And they nerf D.Va instead who was the most garbage tank for 1 entire year? No buffs for Orisa? The most useless buff for Sigma? And they want to start hero pools next week? Absolutely ridiculous

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Blizzard revert Sigmas 1 SEC CD on his shield!

Reinhardt can’t be the only relevant shield tank.

i see a mei nerf…

the patch is already a win (regardless of other changes)

And they nerf D.Va instead who was the most garbage tank for 1 entire year?

core character of GOATs - somewhat bad during Double Barrier (but so was everyone but Orisa and Sigma) - and is meta again because her booster buff was that OP.

No buffs for Orisa?

No nerfs to Rein and Zarya?


The most useless buff for Sigma

he got is damage nerfed a while ago, this reduces the sting of that.

Legs meta inbound

Run whilst you still can

i was just thinking about 6 sec helix for soldier. lol thats weird.
i like that mei wall pillar thing. and id be more happy if booster cooldown was reverted to 5 completely.

That change was a net buff. Instant cast is way better than 0 CD with cast time, so long as you don’t fire-and-forget your shield.