PTR Genji Dash Bug

I think the same thing happened on Sigma’s release too but Genji’s dash is a bit bugged. If you dash around in training range you’ll see what I mean but whenever you’ll dash your screen will randomly rotate and move a bit throughout and after the dash seemingly randomly. Needs to be fixed before live, we can’t have another one of these bugs.



Yup i noticed that too

bump, still present, camera can be turned to a limited extent during dash, very disorienting.

But this genji dash on the ptr feels so good. I hope it’ll be released on live.

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It prevents the Genji from being able to fully 180 and predict to align their next shot.

Its atrocious.

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Well, you can still fully 180, ghost dash, etc… And still do everything that you can do on live servers. It just feels so much better than the current live dash.

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No it doesn’t, it absolutely sucks because it causes uncontrollable movement throwing off your combos.

The entire reason it sucks is because you CAN’T 180.

Every pro Genji and other Genji player but you sees that it sucks. Show it to them even, they will 100% agree with me, not having Dash locking in a direction makes it trash.

The movement it causes is absolutely controlable, and you can 180 without any problem. I’m doing it constitently on the ptr. Just try it.

If you don’t like it, fine for you. But it’s really good.

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It’s not intended, it’s a bug and needs to be fixed, hence why there are 4 or 5 other report threads talking about how badly this affects Genji.

“But it’s really good”, it really isnt, you sound like the one guy at a restaurant who loves the dish everyone else hates. Nobody but you likes this unintended bug, and that isnt even exaggeration.

Ask anyone who streams Genji, they will immediately disagree with you if they know of the bug, I guarantee you that 100%.

Nobody but you likes this unintended bug.

So you asked every genji player on the planet ? Because usually only people that doesn’t like something are talking about it. Just saying.

I know this is unintended. But still, all the genji players that i know do like this bug a lot, some are even saying that it’s op. (from 2.8k to 4.2k)

This also allows genji to dash around corners without being stopped by the wall, if you get what i mean (a “curved dash” feeling). And it’s quite strong, especially for blades.

Ask anyone who streams Genji, they will immediately disagree with you if they know of the bug, I guarantee you that 100%.

Like who ? For now i only got good feedback from it. But i would love to have differents opinions on why someone would not like this.

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