Ptr delayed until next week


ptr only happens on thursday and tuesday


Well there was no promise about it being this week so :man_shrugging:


That’s because “hopefully this week” means yeah we so tooootally have had this done for like a month now, but we’re just screwing you guys over because you don’t know better.

I really want more transparency from Blizzard, but people like this are starting to make me understand why that’ll never be a thing.


So it’s a good thing that they delay the PTR then?

We will get it eventually. They said this week and the week isn’t over yet.

They can update the PC servers anytime they want.
Heck, they even do it with fix patches.

Why can’t they not do the same thing with PTR?


well i guess they could but they usually dont


But they have done it in the past though.

March 28, 2018 was a Saturday.


They said that it was coming this week.


They said ‘hopefully’ explicitly avoiding promising it this week, people like you are the problem because you’re so entitled you think a Blizz has to meet all your demands


They said hopefully. And I hope it will. But “hopefully” isn’t the same as “we guarantee”


How am I a problem? I am quoting what they said. I don’t care when the ptr goes live, I could care less about roadhog changes.


You’re quoting them incorrectly in that case


No duh.


I am? How so, they said that they will hopefully release it this week. Stop trying to act smart by correcting something that isn’t even important.


With an attitude like that, it won’t matter what Blizzard says, people will just assume the worst.


Can we all chill doe? It can still happen tomorrow.


There’s a stark contrast between “They said this week” and “Hopefully this week” I’m sorry you lack basic understanding of the English language to know that


Sorry to disappoint you. :sob:


A break from what? A break from a break?


Why are you taking so long to reply? My hands are sweating.


Exhibit B of the worst of the community. Look, Blizz messes up, everyone does, it’s basic human nature, but they still work their explicits off for this game