PTR Bug where the game would stop loading after a certain point persists in Live


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Hey there, we’re still investigating this issue internally. A dump of the Overwatch client when it’s in this “stuck” state would be helpful for us to do further investigation.

For anyone who has this specific issue and is comfortable with creating a process dump (Task Manager > Right Click Overwatch > Create Dump File) and can upload it to a location where we’re able to download it (drop box, one drive), this would be extremely helpful for us.

edit: Emailing the link to is the best route to get it over to us instead of posting it here.


Problem with load of the client

Okay, I will try to do in morrow


I’ll do it now! However I dont know how big it is so I dont know how much it will take to upload it.


I’m already on it, I’ve yet to put it on a cloud however. (Does it necessarily have to be drop box or one drive? I don’t exactly use either.)

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The file is probably too big to attach to the forums or email directly. Any place you can place it so we’re able to download it will work though.

Emailing the link to is the best route to get it over to us instead of posting it here.



Here’s a dump for the main menu where no 3D scene is rendered, just the UI and the animated polygonal background: <edit by moderator, thanks we got this!>


Well, got beaten to it. Huge props to you, though.


I just sent an e-mail with a link to the dump files.


This is also an issue on PS4. Ever since I got the patch I can’t go into any game modes or look at any cosmetics. Can only select Tracer and S76 in training mode and QP. QP loads, but I can’t see the enemies or team mates.


Christ. What the hell happened to this patch.


That’s really weird… it’s like the game is trying to keep you stuck on the tutorial mode?

EDIT: Not tutorial mode actually, but like when you’re downloading the game for the first time and it’s playable, but it’s still missing files, you can only choose S76 and Tracer, maybe something on your patch download went wrong


I’ve been experiencing character models taking abnormally long to load in but the real issue is the game keeps crashing with the message “Rendering Device Lost”

This was happening on PTR but now it’s carried over to live servers. Anyone else experiencing this?


Does this help?


Unfortunately, no it does not. The graphics card I am using is an NVidia. I highly appreciate the effort however.


If you wanted to get rid of whoever was playing with a potato pc, you made it, well done.

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Hey there as a workaround if someone who is affected by this issue can add an additional command line argument to their Overwatch startup we want to see if this fixes the issue for you.

Note this is an advanced startup line, you’ll want to clear this line after testing. Changing startup options can lead to odd problems.

To set the command line, in the Blizzard Desktop client with Overwatch selected, choose Options > Game Settings. Find the Overwatch entry in the list, click the Additional command line arguments checkbox. In the textbox there add:

--tank_WorkerThreadCount 1

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KeiyosX, I strongly recommend doing a full uninstall and reinstall to see if that helps. The console versions all have supported hardware.


let’s check it out, if it does work you’ll be my new religion, if it doesn’t well…it was a fun two years ride :partying_face:


It fixes the issue on my end.