PTR Bug where the game would stop loading after a certain point persists in Live


This fixed the issue for me.


I was about to go to sleep as well, so you just made this whole day so much better. Thank you so much.


It works thank you so much for your hardwork omg


I’m gonna wait until they actually patch the fix into the game instead of that workaround since he said it could lead to odd problems… but still, thank you so much for all the work that went into fixing this!


About to test this…

(Bill Warnecke) #112

Hey Naru, feel free to use this workaround until we patch if you’d like. I’m just trying to give words of caution so others who wouldn’t benefit from this don’t add it in!

For everyone else, thanks for helping us verify. This was difficult for us to reproduce internally because it’s a bug as a result of a certain type of hardware which we don’t actively support or test with.

We’re working on a permanent fix for this, we hope to roll it out tomorrow! Further updates will be here if needed. Thanks everyone!


Alright Bill! Again, thank you so much for your hard work! I’m glad we could be of help!


No problem, Bill. We on the other hand thank you for reaching out and making the game playable for those who were on the unlucky side of things.
Although I did run into some issues, I was able to try out Ashe for the first time, and I am quite pleasantly surprised at the effort you guys put into the game.


Thank u bill its rly work! [Bill Warnecke]

To set the command line, in the Blizzard Desktop client with Overwatch selected, choose Options > Game Settings. Find the Overwatch entry in the list, click the Additional command line arguments checkbox. In the textbox there add:

--tank_WorkerThreadCount 1

Overwatch stuck
Problems with load of the ptr client

Bill…really, we need more people like you and your working team in every blizzard game! thank you very much for your hard work, uncle Jeff give that man a raise!


The workout around worked for me, got into the game and played several matches. Might be one of those odd problems you were talking about, but I’m getting about half the normal fps that I would get before. Still playable, but a noticeable drop in frames.


I just got suspended from comp because of this, and I’ve never left games on purpose. Like, next time will probably be a ban…

Please fix this, and if possible, reset my Suspensions I just lost about 50-75 SR from one game!


Thank you. It worked perfectly here.


The workaround works for me, thanks. Still upset this went live after it being such a popular thread on the PTR report… Jeff did say that there would be “quality of life improvements” and I would not consider this quality of life in any way… However, I’m also waiting on the game to be completely unplayable soon since I’m running on such terrible hardware (probably the absolute worst in this thread), haha. Thanks for the response, though.


This worked quite well, thanks, Bill.


Thank You, Bill, finally I will play Ashe :slight_smile:


Wow. This fixed this. I love you guys at Blizzard. I am mailing you the Dump file anyways so that you can work on a permanent fix. Wish you best of luck for fixing this.


Didn’t work, For me i am getting stuck on the normal game loading screen and get an endless ‘entering game’ sign. I have a decent PC:
i7 7700K, GTX 1080 and 16gb of ram. Happened on PTR, but i could play fine before until this patch went live. Anyone else?


I now have waited an hour and my game finally loaded in. Now i have the menu but everything is the blank chrystal background with my fps at the top left and the overwatch logo at the top left. Really weird glitch. No music either.

EDIT I tried the command but it did not do anything


I’m guessing Blizzard plan to do nothing for the players who have received suspensions and penalties for this bug having affected them?