PSA: Stop being mean to each other regarding Mercy


As long as it’s not math :wink:


Sooo don’t post for the next few months or years?

Great idea. I love this, I haven’t has this much fun in forever. I’ve always been let everyone talk, everyone has their say. I’m tired of it.


The buff is a step in the right direction, but Mercy needs her 60hps back during the entire match, not only during Valk… Better than nothing, I guess…:face_with_head_bandage:.


…It’s not even a buff, really. It’s just half of what we had before the last nerf. Which, surprisingly, STILL SUCKED THEN. XP

Man, I thought I had bad memory.


Maybe. I don’t know what she needs.

Things I thought would be good on paper have sucked in play. Things I thought sucked on paper have been good in play.

My judgment is bad. lol.



Did Mercy suck as a must pick? :eyes:


Yep totally overlooking the ult cost reduction… but I guess if it doesn’t fit the narrative, am I right?..


Feel free to post, just drop the hostility and passive-aggressive phrasing of everything.


[makes thread to stop being so hostile to each other]
[people act hostile in thread]



The ult cost reduction is because when her healing was nerfed to 50hps, her ult charged slower.

So now it charges as fast as it did before, and gives 60hps. But non-ult healing is 50hps.

So yes, it is a partial revert.


The ult cost brings it back in line to what it was before the 50 hps nerf.

”bUt It dOeSNt FiT THe NarRAtiVE”


Honestly that happens practically every time someone makes a “can we please stop being so hostile” post. It’s honestly super sad.


Did you even read what I said…?

I mean, I made it pretty obvious…


Is it bad that this is how I imagine the people that do it? Especially when you know they’re doing it to defy you specifically? lol



There’s definitely someone who should take some advice from Mei and chill out on this thread :wink:

That being said I wasn’t expecting that photo and I almost choked on my water when I saw it lmfaoooo

Should we place bets on if this thread gets locked with a “Threads like this promote hostility and arguing” comment on the bottom?




Ugh passive aggressive is my thing…

But I guess I can tone it down, this eruption has died down to spewing Lava slowly.


You can’t. That’s a perception thing. You see what you want to see. I can construct a brilliant argument as to why not only is this buff not only pointless but insulting, but you’d still think I’m a entitled brat because you have that mentality.

I’m not gonna say not ALL people will respond the same way. Some are entitled but it’s a perception thing for the most part.

That’s why this is a problem…because it doesn’t fix anything or do anything.


Brings it back in line to how it was when she was a must pick.
I get that it might not be what you wanted, but it’s still a pretty big buff.
There’s absolutely nothing that warrants all this anger for a buff.


It’s only a buff during Valk itself is the thing. Outside of that, Valk remains what it was, a mop-up tool, fight starter, or escape, just marginally more useful.