PSA: Role Queue "Beta" WILL count to your SR next competitive season

Confirmed in a sticky thread today. Just wanted to put it in the general section, because I am sure I am not the only one who glosses over the sticky section as it’s rarely updated.


Well, that should silence the complaints of ‘What am I playing for when nothing in the Beta season counts!’ …

InB4 ‘Wtf, Beta season shouldn’t count!’ complaints flood the forums.


It does make me question the early release of Sigma into competitive though. Many people assumed with that, along with Blizzard’s communication until now, that Beta would not count.

I’m personally mostly at the same level I’ve always been, but I feel bad for the poor saps who were perhaps trying to improve on heroes they don’t normally play because they thought it was a “free trial” period.


I mean, clearly now it isn’t that, but we still don’t really know how they are going to use the data.

What I hope they are doing is adding the matches to the rest of your per-role history that they’ve been tracking for months now, giving them neither more nor less weight than the matches you played at the end of S17, and that the increased adjustments made during placements for off-roles are as strong or stronger in S18 placements as they were at the beginning of Beta season.

I think there’s a good chance that that’s exactly what will happen, but unfortunately, there’s no way to know. Your final MMR from Beta season may be what you start S18 with, just like normal season transitions. I hope not, but it might be.

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I was under the impression before that blizzard said beta would not count towards next season. However logically i always assumed that it must count because how can they waste all this data and placement time that people have already put into the new system.

I’m glad that it’s now been confirmed. If they had not counted the beta, then people’s ranks in certain roles next season would be inflated again like they were for this beta.

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Well, they could’ve used the data in other ways to help balance the match making system without having it reflect on people’s SR next season. I wouldn’t call it “wasted” either way.

No matter how you slice it, Blizzard could’ve been more clear on this matter much earlier than this though. :man_shrugging:

Then I don’t even want to play. Platinum player placed mid silver in everything and had to climb all over and never reach Plat again.

I actually dropped to 1600~ on tank and do NOT want to continue seeing my health drop followed by a dead corpse seeing my Moira team mate using her damage beam on a Roadhog as the rest of the team dies.

I swear if I have to see 1 more Moira use fade to engage and attempt to 1v6 the team I will lose my mind.

It wouldn’t be a complete waste but a large part would go to waste. Because having those people start higher sr again and then drop down to where they are now would be another nightmare.

Personally I think they may have intended not to count the beta at first but then realized it would be too much of a step backwards so they changed their minds.

I’m more than okay with them using the data from RQB for S18, but what the hell happened Blizzard? I think most people were under the assumption, based on statements by Blizzard, that this Beta season would have no effect on our MMR or hidden MMR stats. Won’t personally affect me since I ended up near the same SR for my main role, but what a huge PR blunder during such a critical time…

I am most thankful for this. Punish the blasphemous throwers and fairweather comp goers. Make them suffer.

At the same time, it is entirely Blizzard’s fault for not making it clear and giving people the impression that it didn’t matter so it was perfectly okay to throw. Hahahaha, what a mess. Let it all burn.


I thought i also heard someone say beta wont count for next season as well

Well, this is where people are frustrated:

However, beta season stats will only be available for a limited time and will not count toward a player’s permanent Competitive Season stats.

Source: Introducing Role Queue

Now we suddenly hear:

The results of your matches in the Role Queue Beta are not being thrown out and will be used by the matchmaking systems to help determine your skill in season 18.

Blizzard communicated this very poorly AND took a long time to clarify.