PSA: How To Deal With Fallacious Arguments About Sym's Rework

They aren’t getting rid of Symmetra’s strategic role, they are changing it to a more active and movement based one. The abilities that the teleporter will bring are of much greater strategic value than the turrets, hence they have been reduced in number and redesigned. All part of keeping her kit potentially balanced.


I was thinking of this exact post when I mentioned the ramp and stairs! Thanks so much for chiming in.

You seem to be ignoring the fact that was before the inclusion of so many heroes and even the KotH maps. She has been left behind while the game evolved around her.

A few minor adjustments will not be able to bring her back.


30 HP is still within soft breeze damage range. The only advantage 30 HP have over 1 HP is preventing accidental destruction, like Pharah shooting at your Reinhardt, and the edge of the splash damage breaking a turret high in the wall. Anyone trying to break your turrets will do so as easily as they do today. Maybe even easier, since they only need to search for 3 turrets instead of 6.


Ignorance of an issue or the effects it has doesn’t mean what they’re doing is okay.


But what they are doing is perfectly fine. It’s literally their game and the character needs this rework.


Thanks so much, I really appreciate you chiming in :slight_smile:

Tell me, how did they fail?

As for the accessibility, those of us in the disabled community are a minority group, of course her pickrate won’t be huge. But she works for us.

The issue is they are taking something that was accessible, and making it inaccessible. The reason many of us bought the game was because we could actually play it. Now they’ve taken that away.

It’s like someone in a wheelchair getting a gym membership, then after they pay for it, the gym removed all its ramps and accessible facilities.


But they literally aren’t. Brig, Torb, Rein, Mercy all have a ton of accessibility


Just to be clear, you’re not telling a disabled person what they find accessible, are you?

You really just try to say that someone hates disabled people at every turn huh


Remember not too long ago, when people said Reinhardt was lost and required a rework because of all CC running amok? Well, right now he is the most picked tank in ladder, and he received a grand total of zero buffs.

Sometimes the problem is not the hero. It’s just that the current meta don’t favor them. And sometimes (which is the case with Symmetra, Torb, Bastion, Sombra, Mei…) its because the playerbase have a huge stigma around the character, and don’t want to try to work with them.

One quick recurrent example is when people ask how they are supposed to deal with Bastion behind double barriers, and I reply “Symmetra orb to pierce, and Mei wall to lift him above the shields”, and immediately the scenario changes to add three more people playing specifically around Bastion, so your single pick can’t work. Well, of course, if you have a full team enabling a single hero, you will not counter that with a single hero working alone.


Actually, there are many small tweaks that can improve her. Remove her 2 second slowdown when placing turrets. Let her turrets recharge after 8 seconds instead of 10, or refund them upon destruction.

Make it so she can place her ult on non flat terrain. As it stands her ult get killed quickly because there are only a handful of out of sight places she can put them. If there’s a pebble, can’t place it. If there’s a slight incline, can’t place it. If there’s an invisible wall, it explodes.

Make her shield either spawn 2 meters in front of her, or reduce its Cool down.

This is just a brief list.


You should cut this argument out, since it relies solely on subjective merit and has no place in a logical debate. If YOU are going to argue that Sym is the most accessible hero in the game and back it up with reasons, we should be able to counter argue for the accessibility of other heroes with similar reasoning without being shut down as “presuming your level of accessibility.” You put the argument on the table, do you want to debate it or not?


Is Symmetra really that accessible anyway? She’s effectively inaccessible by almost everyone above silver due to how bad she is.

Let me get my snarky comment out of the way first: please, do continue to tell me what my disability allows me to play.

Ok, snark done, sorry.

People tend to think this a lot, but the issue goes further than one aspect of the kit.

What makes Sym different is that she is more methodically played, and her entire kit doesn’t revolve around aim or fast reflexes. For many of us with physical disabilities, this is very appealing in a character, and makes her less painful to play.

As for all the heros everyone usually recommends to replace her, they don’t quite mesh up, as most of them are only superficially accessible. While they all require minimal aiming for their primary fire (or Torb’d turret), most of the remainder of their kit relies on fast reflexes and reliable muscle movement in order to use them even somewhat effectively.* Having them act as a replacement for Sym, isn’t the same.

*For those thinking, “Just don’t use those portions of their kits then.”: That’s like telling someone to play the game while under a perpetual Sombra Hack. Not exactly a fun prospect, is it?


I mean, I’m disabled and I literally only play Symmetra in QP to meme with friends, and I play tanks and supports in competitive.

I’m not going to say “i can do it so every other disabled person can play other heroes too”, but I’m absolutely happy that Symmetra’s incredibly passive and very limited kit is being reworked.


That’s my point, there are small tweaks that can improve her but her core problems will still be there. None of this changes how her kit got obliterated by the passage of time in Overwatch.

There was literally only one time in all of Overwatch history when Symmetra was meta and that was Beta before the implementation of the changes that booted her out. Yea sometimes the problem isn’t the hero, but sometimes it is.

Reworks happen all the time over all games and sometimes people quit playing their favorite character because of it, this is one of those times.

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Please elaborate, what are her core problems?