PSA: Do not use mouse macros of any sort, you will get permanently banned with no warning

FALSE info, ive been using keybinds on my logitec mouse since day one of OW…i aint banned, so your facts are wrong. rebound my keys to mouse talk,shoot,text,melee,menu… im not banned, i used keybinds to mouse, im using third parts program???

your info is wrong, currently using logitech gaming softwear 8.96.88 again since day one of OW…still here

Which is exactly my point, they haven’t stated how they detect cheats, and most likely never will.

If you did it in game it should be fine. I have crouch and one voice line bound to my side buttons but from the in game mapping.

In hundreds of hours, I don’t think I have ever seen this?

Cries in console mercy main

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Autohotkey, xdotool, built-in macro programs in mouse drivers like Razer Synapse, do not use anything like this for any reason in Overwatch.

Even just to rebind keys, or something that gives you no advantage whatsoever.

You will or can be permanently banned with no warning, and they won’t repeal the ban.

This isn’t obviously against the rules, people use macros for many legitimate or trivial reasons and in many other games, so I figured I’d make a forum post warning people.

I suggest you read the blue notes on this as your so wrong
blue note on subject

So binding my 12 mouse buttons to emotes is bannable?


So I have been using Razer Synapse form before s1.
I don’t use macros though, I just disable numlock and other keys that suck if hit like winKey.
I bind keys through the OW key bind.

I have not had any issues with being banned or warned.

**Macros are explicitly not allowed.

Ehh, been using X-Mouse Control for so long, never had a problem, I use it to remap my mousebuttons. It’s always running in the background.

The key reason why macros are never allowed is because one keypress = one action, when one keypress perform multiple actions is when you’ve got a problem.

lol macros are 3rd party programs?! Lmfao

What are you on about?

I have 6 buttons on my mouse I have to bind to numpad keys otherwise I can’t use them

Been doing that since like season 2

Anything not made by the Parent Company ( In this case Blizzard ) is a 3rd party program hun.

Does Blizzard make Macro software?
I guess you are laughing at your self for not even knowing the basics?
It is always good to laugh at your self, I guess.

Oh honey bunny, not all macros are achieved through or symonious with the use of programs, love. I should know, I have 18 macros set up for OW, none of which require a 3rd party program.

Before you try to be a condescending dick about something you obviously know nothing about, so you can white knight for a multi billion dollar corporation you should try doing about 30 seconds of research first so that you actually know what you’re talking about. You should be laughing at yourself…

3rd party program is anything not made by blizzard.

That includes software part of your mouse ( Razor Peripherals software - 3rd party program )
Using Microsoft Keyboard and Mouse ( 3rd party program ) to edit a key to code in multiple functions.

Ya you are still a laughing stock.
Unless you want explain how you made a macro without a re-recorder.

Question, a friend wants to learn to take down pharah, I agreed to be the target for them but I am not good as pharah. I wanted to use a macro to fly in a custom game as target practice for them. Will I get banned for this?

I remember I was playing OW once and forgot I had my Cookie Clicker script still running. I was very confused why my guns kept rapidly firing one shot at a time.

Once I realized what was happening I killed the program and all was well. But boy, was that annoying.

  1. Technically, they’re given the option to review upwards of 30 pages, with the B .net TOS incorporated by reference, for what is currently a $20 purchase.

  2. But “It’s just a mouse macro” should be a no-brainer. Of course you can’t use it.

Well…That’s annoying. Was researching why my scene transition hotkeys for OBS weren’t working (I stream). Now I’m paranoid I’m gonna be banned for trying to use scene transitions and stream deck hotkeys (that ARE, indeed, macros). Back to streaming Tarkov, haha.

I’m also fairly concerned for similar reasons. I have ICUE running because it’s the software that lets me adjust my mouse’s DPI, keyboard lightings, and has options for macros. I’d like to have macros for shadowplay’s ‘record the last minute of gameplay’, but now I’m worried that just having a software that CAN be used to macro will set off some sort of flags, even if it isn’t being used to cheat.

Plenty of people stream Overwatch, and do stream transitions, without getting banned. If you are not altering inputs to Overwatch it shouldn’t be a problem.

If you have a single macro that does both a scene transition and sends an input to Overwatch, that might be problem so… don’t do that.

The only hotkeys I have set up for OBS are start/stop recording (I don’t stream, I only use OBS to record), but I don’t see why other hotkeys should be different.

Well, I suppose it’s just barely possible that all the streamers that use scene transitions in Overwatch have a 2-PC set up so that OBS, the stream deck, and so on, are all on the capture/streaming PC and not affecting the gaming PC at all. Seems unlikely.

I’m sure you can get a more definitive answer either from our #technical-support forum (possibly) or from a streaming-oriented reddit or the like (almost certainly).