PS4 watchpoint pack error

I purchased the watchpoint pack back when the console beta was live. Now it’s not unlocked in Overwatch 2. Please help :3


I’m having the same issue, is this a blizzard issue or PSN store issue?

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I’m having the same issue. Purchased on PSN 6/17/22, no issues accessing the beta on console and the pack showed as purchased in the store. Now it’s available in the store for $39.99 where previously it said I had purchased it and is also showing as such in my transaction history. No access to items in-game.


I contacted PlayStation, he confirmed my purchased WP pack, said they’ve been getting this a lot today. Should be a blizzard issue.

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How did you contact them. I cant seem to figure it out

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PlayStation? I reached out via PlayStation support chat. Waited 25 minutes for him to basically say “it’s blizzard-side” lol

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This is acknowledged in the #announcements

Follow that thread for updates.

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I live in Israel. Have exactly the same problem with “Watchpoint pack”. You are not alone! Another interesting point: I’ve read list of known issues published by Blizzard. You know, I haven’t spotted such issue in this list. Everything you want except “Watchpoint pack”. Blizzard keeps silence about this international issue.

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I have the same issue on PS5. Doubt it’s a PlayStation store issue, as I believe this is happening on the dark side too (Xbox).

Hi Nicole, happy to follow that thread for updates, once this has been actually acknowledged on there.

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Im having the same problem.

I have the same issue

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