[PS4] Voice chat major bug!


This problem is STILL happening. Three weeks without being able to use voice chat. And partys don’t work for me beacause of NAT problems, so I have no other option.


Is anyone else still having issues? Cannot hear anyone on the mic still, thought it was just my headphones, but than I came on this chat and it seems like it’s everyones game. Jw if anyone is still having these issues! Thankyou! :3


It’s still happening for me too. Super loud angry robots taking over my ears. I tried adjusting the mic volume to no avail. :frowning:


Same here. Happened last night. Still not fixed.


Was really hoping this would be fixed today. How has blizzard not ficed this yet? Feel like this is a big deal


This is a big deal for us players but Blizzard does not give a single f to console. How can they build a new patch a let the bugs there like nothing happened??? Small indie company btw.


Any news on when this will be fixed?


Blizzard please… it’s been more than 20 days already. I can only comminucate in party chat and it’s annoying. It’s a problem that every ps4 player has to deal with. This should have been fixed with the last update but nothing happened :confused:


I don’t know if it’s just me, but every time I enter a match i am on my own on the voice channel and my voice isn’t being picked up. Is this normal? Must there be someone with me on the channel for my voice to get picked up?


Whats really unacceptable is the fact that the PS4 version just had an update for DVa cosmetics and they STILL didn’t fix this problem.


How. Please tell me how this is still a problem. There is no way that they don’t know about this problem. Are we really just the step child of overwatch?

Guess its time to go to Fortnite


Why is this still an issue almost a month later. I thought with the last update they would fix the issue but I guess not. Comp starts in less than a day and there still isn’t a fix? How am I supposed to play?


I don’t understand how you release a patch for a special event in a squad-based game with broken mic input, and then leave it broken for the entire event. This bug should be a 5-minute fix, but it appears that Blizz just doesn’t care enough about PS4 to put in that 5 minutes.

This is some serious neglect.


It’s possible that this problem is related to general audio issues happening in Overwatch these past few months, check this thread out:


I have officially deleted OW. I can’t deal with the noise. Honestly I do not plan on returning and will be making a video about this issue to make it known. They honestly do not care for console since the League blew up. I have been told use the Ps4 chat feature in the mean time but no…sorry not sufficient. I would get kicked before I had the time to send every member a party invite and to do that every match is ludicrous


Myself and two of my friends noticed this problem a bit before summer games. I was hoping it would be fixed soon enough, but it looks like it’s either a major problem Blizzard is having a hard time fixing, or Blizzard simply has their minds on other things. As Overwatch was designed for PC, it’s not surprising that that platform is their first priority. However, to release it for other platforms and neglect to fix a pretty serious bug in a timely fashion or even give a word of “we’re working on it” seems irresponsible. Blizzard is a good company and takes care of their games. Unfortunately, most of their games are PC only, meaning they may lack sufficient experience. Gg everyone on PS4, we’ll have to be strong.


26 days later and we have no solution. Impossible to play comps.


I only hear an extremely loud noise when someone is talking. Voice chat on ps4 group is fine but ingame is broken. My friends dont have this problem but only me for some reason. Please what can i do its so annoying


Can someone from Blizzard or the moderators comment on this thread? Even turning down the volume does not work because not everyone even knows to do that. There is no in game message telling PS4 players to do so.

We are unable to communicate in game at all, since we don’t have text chat. This issue has been happening for at least a month now, and we have heard nothing from Blizzard. I understand it may not be an easy issue to resolve, but it would be nice to get some sort of update, because right now communicating in the game is completely broken.


It’s still in known issues so not fixed. The workaround works but everyone in the whole party has to lower both “Voice Chat Volume” and “Voice Chat Mic Volume” ingame to 50 for it to work.