Ps4 Login error


Can’t login since yesterday.

I keep getting login error saying “Sorry, we were unable to log you in. Please try again later. (BC-101)

I deleted the app from ps4 and installed again and still nothing.

Im located in the Caribbean but never had connecting issues with OW.

Im able to play other games online so OW is the problem.

Please help


Anyone else having issues on ps4?



A few key items to check here! As BC-101 is normally a failure to reach our authentication servers:

  1. Power Cycle the home network’s modem and router to refresh the connection to all the devices on the network. While doing this step, power cycle the console by powering it down, unplug it for a minute.

  2. For PS4, try setting the date and time settings to grab automatically from the Internet.

  • This can be found in Settings > Date & Time > Date & Time > Set Using Internet > Set Automatically.
  1. Two things: Ensure the NAT settings are open and make sure the router has portforwarding setup, steps on how to do both can be found Here. If your ISP provided the router they can assist with port forwarding.

Retest! Thank you!


I have the same issue since yerterday


I also read on Twitter @blizzardcs reports that this is happening to other players. The response from @blizzardcs is that it might be linked to the ddos attacks?
Idk…please figure out what’s the problem. Since im not the only one experiencing this it must be something wrong on your end. By the way i can play all other games just fine.

Update: back online. Thanks