PS4 Abysmal Queue Times

Remember to play during peak times in your local region. For most players this is around 6 PM to Midnight in their local time.

I played last night at peak times and still had close to 10 min queue times on all roles. Needless to say I’m not playing this game on ps4 anymore if half my night is waiting.


Look on reddit, Blizz. There are multiple posts. It seems to only be affecting ps4 players. I’ve never had to wait longer than 2 mins for a queue as tank or healer, and ever since the echo patch i’ve been waiting 5mins minimum as a mid plat/diamond tank. Blizz needs to look into this cause it’s killing the game for a lot of us.


This is happening at all times Blizz. PS4 seems to be the only one affected

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Ps4 EU, asked a bunch of friends (from low bronze to low masters) and everyone reports they noticed longer queue times for tank and healer.

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Hey all, thanks for the reports. We looked into this and made some adjustments to help. Sorry for the hassle, please let us know if times seem better going forward. Thanks!


Estimated times seem better

Thanks for the update Bill! I will try out the queues this evening (Central) and report back.

Are the estimated times quite a bit higher now to reflect how long they actually take?

idk but as of now on comp (in my ranks)
tank < 3 mins
damage < 9 mins
support < 2 mins

I think they updated the search to make it quicker again

The update worked great! Thanks a lot Devs.

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Fixed, it’s back to normal now, thank you!

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Thank you! Queue times were great last night!

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Very noticeable improvement, thank you! The queue times feel normal again.

I did at least get to try a bunch of new (to me) workshop modes over the weekend during my 12-14 minute support queues! :joy:

Thanks a lot for the adjustments. Our queue times last night were great. They were back to being less than 2 minutes for tank and support in mid gold on the PS4 in the United States.

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It’s ironic how quickly this low-effort, one sentence thread gets an official response and a fix, while when I made a detailed thread outlining even worse wait times on Switch that persisted for months, we:

  • don’t get a reply
  • it takes weeks before anything is done, and no changes are mentioned in patch notes
  • Blizzard keeps making strange back-end changes that fix the issue, break it again, fix it, then break it again, leaving us with a completely unstable competitive mode experience

The 10 minute wait times PS4 players are complaining about here are basically the standard wait times on Switch in my region during the rare times you can actually find matches in competitive mode. Usually wait times are longer. At least, that’s how things are now after Blizzard reverted whatever change they made in March 2020 that made it easy to find competitive matches at almost any time of day or night.

When you do find a match, the matchmaking is usually pretty bad and it’s rare you’re teamed with, or up against, people near your skill level, Overwatch player level, or rank.

Not to say this isn’t a genuine issue for PS4 players, and it isn’t my intention to hijack the thread, but I wanted to point out that the level of support and response from Blizzard doesn’t seem equitable (it’s not just this thread… I have other examples of other issues getting prompt, official responses and fixes from Blizzard). We paid for the game just as PS4 players did.

Hello, after the most update, it seems as though the bug has returned. We were getting 12 minute queues for double tank and one dps and 6 minutes for 3 players queuing as tank AND support.


Can confirm. 10 minute queue times for both Tank and Support solo queue at the same time.

EDIT: This is high plat, low diamond. ETAs are 2-7 minutes and it’s 8:30pm EDT.


I wonder of the fix accidentally got reverted. I haven’t had a chance to check myself on PS4 today.

Edit: yes the queue times are definitely broken again for tank and support on PS4.