Proposed Mercy Changes

Mercy is in a hard position to balance without both sides of the community being angered. Some changes I had in mind were:

Healing Beam
Healing ramps up every 1.5 seconds on one target from 50 to 55 to 60, similar to Symmetra’s old lock on

Rez seems like the hardest thing to balance, but here is a possible idea
Cooldown reduced to 20 seconds
Cast time reduced by half
Multiple players can now be resurrected at once if they die in groups, bringing back some functionality of mass rez. Up to 3 players can be resurrected at once, adding more cast time and cooldown for a maximum of the current cast time.

Old “slingshot effect” and speed brought back, but Mercy’s hitbox would be somewhat increased in Valkyrie mode.

What do you think of these changes?

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Those are some interesting suggestions. Personally I’m not sure if rez would work on a cooldown. I think reverting it to be her ultimate again in the form of mass res would be the best option in that case, with of course some minor tweaks (Line of sight, damage reduction instead of invincibility, 1.25s cast time instead of 2 seconds, etc.) In addition, perhaps Valkyrie can then be made as the E ability on a 25 second cooldown, and tweaked to be balanced from there. My opinion. :blush:

Other suggestions I’ve seen about some good solutions have been found in Titanium’s post. They go into detail on all of the issues you’ve addressed too, so I highly recommend giving it a look when you can! :slight_smile:

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This alone would cause another Mercy meta. You can’t balance rez around a cool down. It’s just not possible

Not bad, but to encourage healing the entire team instead of just pocketing one person I propose a ramp down:

Nah fam, miss me with that, but you get points for trying it.

What would be the multiplier, and would the critical hitbox region multiplier be more or less than the one that affects her body?

*good girl points

I’m not entirely sure what multiplier exactly, but just enough so that the extra speed added wouldn’t be enough to make her almost unhittable when in Valkyrie.

That’s fine, we can just click on her head.