Proper Ultrawide Support

I am disappointed every time I play Overwatch about the lacklustre ultrawide integration - by this I mean the camera is currently just zoomed in slightly, cropping out the top and bottom of the frame. There is also no ability to go to even wider aspect ratios such as 32:9 - as featured on the highly popular Samsung Odyssey G9.

Almost all modern competitive games have no issue supporting this increasingly popular monitor form factor. If the devs are concerned about giving players a competitive advantage, refresh rate has a significantly larger impact - something that isn’t regulated at all. Imagine the uproar if Blizzard decided to limit all Overwatch games to 60fps or even 30fps to enable competitive parity!

Even enabling proper ultrawide support just in quick play would go along way to improve the game on high-end setups.

I find myself playing Overwatch much less than I’d like because of this limitation, and I imagine there are others who feel the same given the recent popularity of these monitors.

I basically don’t play this game for this reason. I also won’t buy 2 if this is there for that.

The reasoning is beyond dumb. People play at 1024x768 in CSGO, or other -real- competitive games.

No big loss for me, really. It’s the only game I’ve found that messes up UW.