Promised Missing Features?

Why has no one spoken about some of the features that were in trailers and events for Overwatch 2 that Blizzard has not spoken one word about yet such as Dynamic Weather/lightning in all maps? Weather was said to be in “multiplayer” in a clip from 2019 Blizzcon so we know it’s not PVE exclusive and there’s also footage of it as well as weapon inspect? Anyone got any idea?

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The “Access Overwatch 1” content missing is the biggest kick in the nards for me. “All 32 original heroes” and “classic maps and modes” : ibb[dot]co/PwP6YP3

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scapped ideas happen with every game, i guess i just expect it

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They aren’t scrapped, they just didn’t come at launch. They will be implemented at some point in the future.

Pretty sure it was only for PvE. The multiplayer was only played on Toronto and there are no weather effects there.

The day/night map cycle + atmosphere graphical changes only exist in PVE…

All major features are coming with PVE release in 2024.

We aren’t even getting the game at launch, bro. I do not care about features in an unplayable game. Lol.


The weather changes? Yes (Although there might still be some minor ones in PVP maps. Have a look at Ecopoint: Antarctica in-game to see what I mean)

The time variants? No. They are coming to the PVP as well.

PVE is beginning to release in 2023.

You must be new to Overwatch…

We get major updates every 2-3 years in this game.

Actually, the release schedule before they slowed it down back in 2019 (When you joined according to your profile) was three heroes and three maps a year.

Regardless, 2023 is the current slated release period according to the developers themselves.


Because OW2 is an early access title that’s been worked on for only 1 year.

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There was 2 videos at Blizzcon 2019 of gameplay on Hannamura and Temple of Anubis talking about the implementation of weather effects and described a situation of it in multiplayer so it is for PVP also

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Link? Because both those maps are gonzo. They already had Push ready to go at that demo and it was always meant to replace 2CP. I remember the one guy talking about how they had talked about it and he had been messing around with weather effects and thought it would be cool to bring to the sequel, but I don’t remember them saying it would be for PvP, just PvE. It was 3.5 years ago though, and I am an old lady, so maybe I’m mis-remembering things.

Jeff promised clans.

No it’s been confirmed that the weather system won’t be for PVP. They tried it and said it sucked.

That’s a slightly different thing to the day/night cycle system though.

Clans are still a planned feature. We were told long ago that they just wouldn’t be coming at launch.

Yeah but does it take that much effort to make a clan function? Literally a separate friend list, separate chat channel and a button to invite clanmates to party.

Well and a search for clan menu

In theory no. But the issue they said they were having is that they wanted the clan system to span across, not just Overwatch, which takes more work and collaboration between the teams.

It also says in the “Known Bugs” on this recent post this week about Temple of Anubis being disabled as well as a few other maps