Promised Info = Xbox Pass = NDA info?

Looks like we got it early takes to Call of Duty and whatever was the other game.

Unless Craig pops in to correct us.

Some are saying because he said “next” Thursday, it would be next week.

But he also said when the season begins, like twice. Which ref today.

Instead of him presenting the info though seems someone else did.

Still don’t know if it was the NDA info though.


So guess we will have to wait like a unreworked Sym’s weapon…

Quote her voiceline: “…Game Pass”

If I had to guess, they wanted to patch something special in, and found some bugs…

Well at least that’s what my hopium is telling me.


My hopium currently in the 1970’s

High on Revelade and looking for the Anal Probe Weapon.

Aka just got Destroy All Humans 2 for this Labor Day Weekend.

So this is what a vacation from old news and unrevealed things looks like.

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Pretty much, que the music for Labor Day:

honestly wish i could coherently read the ancient scripture you just wrote

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Scriptures implies I was worshiped.

He was clearly talking about the regular comp announcement.
Idk why people always take stuff out of context.