Projectile position

Hi! How to make sigma’s barrier a variable? (i want barrier to kill when touches the victim)
Im a beginner so if someone would describe the workshop part of this game, it would be very appreciated!

I dont have a code for you but I do have 2 solutions you can try.

  • Calculate the velocity of the shield ( v = s / t )
    Then create a variable area with the height of that shield and width and make it move with that shield. When someone is in that area something gets triggered.

  • You can also try to check if player A holds right click for his shield and the LOS (Line of Sight) with enemy barrier is false. Then the shield is on its way or missed. If the LOS turns true, the shield has surpassed him.

The last one has some flaws as standing still shields wont have affect and some edge issues. Other than that you cant get a shield variable. Good luck!

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Thank you very much!!!