Profile not in top 500

I’m currently master 4 on open que and I’m located in the middle east I play on console but my issue is my name doesn’t show up on the top 500 leader board I have my number verified and I have won 77 games and the players on the leader board are lower ranking than me so why isn’t my name showing


Linking my post in case you would like to read more about this issue Season 36 Missing Top 500 Rewards. I put your thread under Not Appearing On Leaderboards (Season 2).

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Appreciat it this glitch sucks

This entire top 500 situation is unfortunate and exhausting but yet I’ve yet to give up.

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Ive spammed them with emails and yet the keep telling me that as a game master we cant do anything to hepp so post on the forums then when i post on forums no game dev responds

And so all there is left to do is keep spamming and wait. I just hope one of these days I’ll wake up to good news.

Just checking in again. Any good news you have to share?