Problems with server routing in South America

So, for the past 2 days I’m being sent to games in ord1 instead of gbr1, which as you can imagine, since I’m in Brazil, comes with high ping. My friends have experienced the same in other cities/states, both when we play solo and in a group. So I don’t imagine it’s a “me” problem. Are the South America servers down or is some other issue happening? Is there something we can do to maybe assist rerouting? I don’t understand how these things work, but the lag has just been a bummer, really. Thanks in advance!


Same issue here, unable to play any match in QP or Ranked, the game is forcing US servers. Lagging with 200ms latency. Impossible to play. Also there many people complaining about this problem. After SA servers crashing in this week (Server closed due unexcepted error) now we cannot play in SA anymore

To play in SA region i must open Custom game, this only way to play without huge latency.


I’ve been getting this server error far more often since the Steam transition? Dunno if there’s really anything to do with that, but yeah, it’s a real issue.

Anyway, we managed maybe 3 Mystery Heroes games in gbr1 today, but then back to ord1. Seems to be affecting all game modes.


I’ve been trying to play ranked since morning, I can only find matches on the ORD1 server. I don’t think it’s related to Steam, but the last few updates broke something in the lobby server that’s causing this, even today’s pre-download seems to have only made the situation worse.


Same here. In both competitive and quick matches. Playing with 200ms latency is not fun.


I’ve been trying to deal with similar problem, it’s like they inverted, but that is probably not the complete problem there.


Same problem where, start around 5 days ago, i can’t play a FPS with 180 ms

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Updating this to say that tonight my friend got routed to what seems to be a French server. I had hoped that the update for the new season would fix this issue, but it seems to have only gotten worse - even with a full party on PVE Halloween modes we’re being sent to US servers instead of gbr1. Please do something about your servers. Please.

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i had stable 10ms ping, started having 180ms this season (higher than if I could simply play USEAST from SA) and am now consistently getting an incredible 300+ ping

yeah np tho, take ur time blizz we’re just a bunch of south americans anyways